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September 23, 1989 | DOUGLAS JEHL, Times Staff Writer
Less than half a mile of Intracoastal Waterway lies between the South Carolina mainland and its beachfront neighbors here, Sullivans Island and the Isle of Palms. But, in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo on Friday, that gulf had come to seem enormous. Across the water lay the hint of disaster: Nowhere had the mighty storm struck with such devastating force. Up to 20 citizens who had defied orders and waited out the storm on the oceanfront could be in grave peril. No one knew their fate.
Hey, Rickey Dale Thomas, you're finally back in San Diego after almost an entire year of false incarceration in a no-name Texas jail cell. You've got your jubilant family and friends screaming your name, your 2-year-old daughter, Simone, cradled lovingly in your arms. So, what are you gonna do? "I'm going to Sea World," came the response from the skinny man basking in the light of television cameras. "I'm going to take my little daughter to see the fish."
April 29, 1988 | JIM CARRIER, Carrier is a reporter for the Denver Post. and
It was a miserable day to be pregnant. Hot, humid, late in July, 1987. Afternoon thunderheads teased the mountains to the east of the city, and even skinny people sweated. Had it not been for motherhood, Darci Pierce and Cindy Ray might never have met on a broiling blacktop parking lot outside an obstetrics clinic. On this day, particularly, it was no place for a mother to be.
August 18, 1996
It is always tragic when a child dies. After reading the July 30 article, "Victor's Legacy: A Trail of Broken Hearts," I felt sympathy and compassion for little Victor as well as his mother and all the health-care professionals who tirelessly cared for him. My sympathy, however, was tempered with disbelief and anger. This 16-year-old single mother who seemingly could not afford health care for her child, or to bear the expense of his funeral, is now pregnant again! How does Ms. Gonzales propose to provide for this child?
October 22, 1987
The Oct. 1 earthquake may have sent shock waves throughout the Southland, but it also brought support and sympathy from around the world. Take this letter that was recently received at City Hall: "We have heard the news about your unhappy disaster and are worried about our friends in Pasadena. Feel free to contact us if we can help you. "Words seem so futile at such a time, yet the sympathy of friends may help just a little to give you strength and courage.
April 29, 2001
Re "Life in Shadow of Plant Gets Darker," April 25: I have no sympathy for the homeowners who whine about the noise and fumes from the nearby AES power plant. When they bought their homes, did they somehow fail to notice the great big power plant right next door? If these people are so unhappy, let them sell their ocean-view properties and move inland. Something tells me they will have no difficulty finding buyers. ARNIE BELL Huntington Beach
December 28, 2006
Re "Living in Limbo, Keeping It Real," Dec. 21: Let's see, Ricky Walters is an alien convicted of shooting two people yet he merits a sympathetic article with the subtext of "leave the guy alone!" because our government has an indisputable reason to deport him? This kind of media indulgence resulted in the senseless murder of Richard Adan by a similarly favored criminal named Jack Henry Abbott, or don't you all remember? HASAN A. BENLER Poway
March 27, 2004
Re "Irish Bartender May Be Deported," March 24: I wonder if your report on the lovable, singing Seal Beach barman facing deportation would have had such a sympathetic slant had the subject been a Moroccan with a conviction for aiding and abetting murder instead of an Irishman. Paula Taylor Los Angeles
June 8, 2003
Re: "Disney, 'Lizzie' Star Parting Ways After Pay Dispute," May 24: When I was 16 years old, I accepted a job shelving books at my local branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia at a salary of $1.11 per hour (compared with the minimum wage of $1). I remember telling the director of personnel that I thought it was a "fine salary." Later, after college and grad school, my first job paid but $10,200 a year. So when I read that the bright, perky and talented Hilary Duff finds her "Lizzie McGuire" salary of $15,000 a week unacceptable and wants $100,000 a week for the new series, I guess I don't have much sympathy.
March 29, 2002
Re "Lindh Team Offers List of Abuses," March 23: Was this sob piece about John Walker Lindh commissioned and paid for by his loving parents? I am sorry, but I can't find any sympathy for a man who was raised in affluence in beautiful Marin County only to go and join the Taliban, a regime that terrorized civilians, treated women as subhuman, destroyed artistic treasures and generally stood in opposition to every American value. Whether or not he was fighting with Al Qaeda, to me he is a traitor, and at the very least a misogynist moron, no matter how many PR firms his parents care to hire.
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