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January 8, 2007 | From Times wire reports
A skin patch relieved symptoms of people with early-stage Parkinson's disease and may offer advantages to taking pills to treat the progressive brain disorder, researchers reported Wednesday. The study, involving 277 people in Canada and the United States with early-stage Parkinson's, assessed the Neupro patch, made by Germany's Schwarz Pharma. It delivers a drug called rotigotine that acts like a brain chemical that is deficient in people with the disease.
January 27, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Gen. Augusto Pinochet was rushed to a hospital in Santiago, Chile's capital, hours after a retired army general blamed the former dictator for dozens of political killings in 1973. Pinochet, 85, suffered "strong headaches, briefly lost consciousness and has a minor loss of strength in the left side of his body," the Santiago Military Hospital said in a statement, describing symptoms that could suggest a stroke. On Thursday night, retired Gen.
May 25, 1985
Eureka! I finally know how to define "Liberal Fever." To wit: the inability to conceive even the possibility that anyone can disagree with you unless of course he is a hypocrite. Liberals preach tolerance but are so often intolerant of any disagreement--I'd say that's downright hypocritical of them. CAROLYN KUNIN Los Angeles
March 8, 1998
Re "Sufferers Feel Vindicated by Proof of Lyme-Carrying Tick," Feb. 21. The recent Lyme disease articles have focused mainly on an infected deer tick found on a mountain trail. As stated in an interview with a Times reporter, I was bitten by an infected deer tick in my backyard in Chatsworth. My physician was well-informed and followed protocol for diagnosis and treatment, so I was on medication immediately. I consider myself very fortunate. My concern is for children who are exposed to infected ticks while playing in their own yards or in Valley parks.
March 12, 1991 | KATHLEEN DOHENY
It begins as a quiet, tiny tickle in your throat and, if you're really unlucky, progresses to a loud, rib-racking, temple-pounding hack that makes you persona non grata in movie theaters. "I've seen lots of patients with coughs recently," says Dr. Paul B. Haberman, director of respiratory therapy for St. John's Hospital and Health Center, Santa Monica.
October 24, 1993 | Sheryl Stolberg
Tuberculosis has an uncanny ability to ensure its own spread and survival. It oftens fools doctors and patients into thinking it is a cold, the flu or bronchitis. By the time the symptoms--fatigue, loss of appetite, night sweats and the hacking cough most people associate with TB--are correctly diagnosed, others may have been infected, by breathing the bacteria expelled every time the patient coughed or sneezed.
August 17, 1991
Kevin Phillips ("Can the Democrats Get Their Act Together? Don't Bet On It," Opinion, Aug. 4) is correct when he suggests that the Democrats have failed to become aroused by America's fiscal deterioration because they are "second-echelon collaborators in a bipartisan economic con job." But he leaves this criticism too quickly. The fact is that both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for creating the black hole into which America's financial institutions have fallen. The Democrats in Congress are responsible for the Reagan legacy not only because of their collaboration, but also their complacency and silence.
November 2, 2003 | Mike Bresnahan, Times Staff Writer
Jason Allison, out since January because of whiplash, has been prescribed medication to fight post-traumatic migraine symptoms that might be the cause of lingering vision problems and headaches the King center has been experiencing. Since his injury, Allison has been to three eye specialists and three neurologists. There is still no timetable for his return. "Something new has been targeted," Allison said. "[Vision] has been my biggest problem.
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