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T Ball

Ed Streeter and baseball manager Sparky Anderson have a lot in common. Both were savvy strategists who put ball-playing teams called the Reds on the map with an impressive set of league championships. But Anderson, who took Cincinnati to two World Series championships in the 1970s, probably never had to call time out to lend a hankie and some comfort to a player crying over a missed ball. For Streeter, it was a routine play.
Tennessee Coach Johnny Majors won't soon forget Saturday's astonishing, thrill-a-minute, can-you-believe-it 26-26 tie with Auburn. But he'll try. Oh, will he try. Majors watched in disbelief as the fifth-ranked Volunteers, on the verge of upsetting No. 3-ranked Auburn at a Jordan-Hare Stadium, blew a 17-point fourth-quarter lead in ways that had to be seen to be believed. The Volunteers (3-0-2) dropped four, count 'em, four, would-be interceptions in the fourth quarter alone.
August 27, 1989 | NANCY CHURNIN
For years, director Adrian Hall could be counted on to deliver the unexpected. His actors might spray the patrons with water, might fire off cannons, might smack a bloody side of meat in a play about the Manson murders, might perform "The Visit" in an old railroad depot. But these days, it is Hall on whom the surprises are being sprung. For the last six years, Hall, 61, has been running two theaters at once--the Trinity Repertory Company of Providence, R.I.
June 24, 1989 | KIM Q. BERKSHIRE
Imagine the mortified look on Padre Manager Jack McKeon's face if first baseman Jack Clark were to shove the ball into the stomach of an onrushing baserunner, like a quarterback handing off to a fullback. Or how would he react if Benito Santiago were to approach him with tears in his eyes because Roberto Alomar had borrowed his catcher's mitt without asking? During a recent T-Ball practice for the 4- and 5-year-old Bonita Barons at Rohr Park, Coach Dan Way had to contend with these problems and more.
November 10, 1988 | Jim Murray
In the minds of most people, USC comes into public focus as Tailback U., the citadel of the great all-purpose running back, the dot in the I-formation, running to daylight, following behind Student Body Right into the end zone, the Heisman, the All-American, Hall of Fame and, latterly, a multimillion-dollar contract with the pros. The list is long. Morley Drury, Gaius Shaver, Grenny Lansdell, Cotton Warburton, Mike Garrett, O.J. Simpson, Marcus Allen, Charlie White.
September 15, 1988 | STEVE KRESAL
Scott Stark, who transferred from Stanford to Saddleback College this summer, said Wednesday that he had left the Saddleback football team. Stark set the Orange County single-season record for passing yardage with 2,706 in 1985 for Capistrano Valley. He was redshirted at Stanford in 1986. He played a few games for the Cardinal in 1987, including a start against UCLA. He was 6 of 16 for 43 yards with 2 interceptions for the season.
During football season, Jeff Rutledge of the New York Giants shares many of the same problems held by most of the National Football League's backup quarterbacks: the frustration of being No. 2, the endless waiting on the bench and the feeling that all the hard work and dedication may never pay off. But during the off-season, Rutledge faces something quite different. Something that at times can be as challenging as life in the NFL. And it sounds like this: "Coach, let me pitch!"
July 13, 1986 | JACK SMITH
I saw my first T-ball game one recent Saturday morning out at Mar Vista Park on the Westside. My grandson, Casey, was playing first base for the Orioles against the Dodgers. If you are a baseball fan, a T-ball game may leave you in a state of permanent disorientation. Mere baseball will never seem the same again. The players were mostly boys between the ages of 6 and 8. I believe the Dodgers had one girl; the Orioles were supposed to have one girl but she didn't show up.
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