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Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

February 21, 2013 | By Amina Khan
Reports of giant goldfish wreaking havoc in Lake Tahoe may have garnered fresh attention this week, but officials say the feral fish are just part of an army of invasive critters that they've been battling for years. Searching for invasive species that have colonized the resort-town lake, researchers Sudeep Chandra and Christine Ngai at the University of Nevada, Reno, nabbed the monstrous fish in 2011. One of them, part of a school of about 15 fish, stretched 14 inches and tipped the scales at 4.2 pounds -- dwarfing its typically finger-length, aquarium-bound counterparts.
January 23, 1991
Entertainer Wayne Newton has posted a refundable $150,000 bond as part of an agreement for restoring an erosion-damaged stream on his 241-acre Lake Tahoe retreat. A check from the Las Vegas showman arrived in the mail Tuesday at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, agency attorney Susan Scholley said. Newton had to pay the bond because he missed a May deadline for submitting the land restoration plan, the bistate agency said.
May 24, 1991 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Five years of drought have sent Lake Tahoe's water level plunging, leading the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to reluctantly approve dredging at a west shore marina. Homewood High and Dry Marina convinced the bi-state agency that its vacuum technique for removing two feet of sand and soil would give boats moored there enough clearance to get out into the lake without damaging water quality.
December 21, 1990 | From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports
Entertainer Wayne Newton's failure to submit a plan for restoring an erosion-damaged stream on his 241-acre Lake Tahoe retreat will cost him $15,000. The Las Vegas showman also must post a $150,000 bond for missing a May deadline for submitting the improvement plans, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency said. The bistate agency decided Wednesday to extend the deadline for submitting the land restoration plan until March 1 but also required the fee and the bond.
June 11, 1987 | Associated Press
Major issues have been resolved in a lawsuit that has stopped most development at Lake Tahoe for the last three years, spokesmen for environmentalists and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency said Wednesday. But before the suit can be dismissed, a settlement agreement must be drafted and approved by the California attorney general and the governing boards of the bistate planning agency and the League to Save Lake Tahoe.
May 28, 1997 | (Associated Press)
In a major victory for landowners nationwide, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a California woman must get her day in court to seek compensation for being barred from building on her Nevada land. The justices ruled unanimously that 82-year-old Bernadine Suitum's 6-year-old lawsuit is procedurally ready for a ruling on its merits. The ruling rejected arguments by lawyers for the Clinton administration and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.
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