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May 10, 2013 | By Barbara Demick
BEIJING --  Beijing and Taipei united in their condemnation of the Philippines on Friday for the shooting death of a Taiwanese fisherman in disputed waters. The killing of Hung Shih-cheng, 65, injects a volatile new element in ongoing conflicts over the South China Sea, where fishermen and authorities from competing nations often play dangerous games of chicken at sea. Philippine authorities admitted that one of their coast guard ships opened fire Thursday on the victim's Taiwanese vessel, but said they had done so to prevent their own boat from being rammed and only intended to disable the engine.
October 4, 2013 | By Ralph Jennings
TAIPEI, Taiwan - When Taiwanese lawmakers exchanged blows in August, two of them rolled around on the floor, locked in some sort of amateur wrestling hold. Another one pulled up his sleeves to show off his biceps. A ruling party legislator cast an arc of water on an opposition rival who had commandeered the podium in the wood-paneled, arena-like assembly room with its doors tied shut. Gridlock in Congress shut down much of the U.S. government this week for the first time in 17 years, but legislators in Taiwan have been known to sometimes duke out their disputes.
July 11, 1997
In "The Folly of Bullying Beijing" (Opinion, July 6), Henry Kissinger suggests that Taiwan would possibly "rekindle the Chinese civil war." This is ludicrous. Taiwan, unlike the People's Republic of China, has renounced any intentions of using force in dealing with the Taiwan/PRC issue. Taiwan is currently trying to convince Beijing to reopen talks in order to decrease tensions and come to a position where peaceful and constructive negotiations in several realms can take place. It is the PRC that continues to be unwilling to sit down and communicate in this manner.
September 29, 1999
It is amazing to hear that the leaders of both the United Nations and the U.S. Red Cross made statements that earthquake aid to Taiwan needs the approval of China! Remember when we all rushed to help the people of Kosovo, Turkey and East Timor just recently? When it comes to human tragedy, show your humanity, not the ugly politics. The people of Taiwan are certainly not any less than others around this world. These statements are a disgrace to mankind. DAVID LIN Hacienda Heights
March 12, 2013 | By Chuck Schilken
Manny Ramirez -- once the king of Mannywood with the Dodgers -- announced Tuesday that he has signed a short-term contract to play baseball in Taiwan. According to the former baseball superstar, he is "starting a new beginning" by joining the EDA Rhinos. Or, one might say, he's beginning a new start. See, we can do that now. We can pick on Ramirez now that he's no longer the flashy, big-time slugger that once made more than $20-million a year at the peak of his career. He's now a 40-year-old has-been who was suspended twice toward the end of his MLB career for using banned substances and is now reduced to playing for $25,000 a month in Taiwan.
January 30, 2013 | By Tiffany Hsu
Need more pink in your life? The new Barbie Cafe in Taiwan has more than enough to spare. The eatery is exactly what its name implies -- a temple to the 54-year-old doll, erected in Taipei's Da'an shopping district and doused in fuchsia, blush, rose and likely several shades of pink previously unknown to man. Licensed by El Segundo toy giant Mattel, the eatery features chairs modeled after tutus, complete with frills and lace-up backs....
May 13, 2013 | By Steve Dilbeck
We love you, Manny Oh, yes we do … Come on, deep in the wacky little recesses of your baseball mind, admit it. There are times when you completely miss Manny Ramirez. That would be the Manny who was electric at the plate and jovial and carefree in the clubhouse. Not the drug-busted, non-talking, non-producing Manny. But when he was going good, there was no one like him, neither via his baseball prowess or special antics. Manny is not willing to give up the ghost just yet, and after failing in his last attempt to hook up with the Oakland A's, he is now playing baseball in Taiwan.
March 31, 2013
If April in Asia is on your agenda, China Airlines is offering a $1,011 round-trip fare from LAX to Taipei, Taiwan, including all taxes and fees. It is good through April, but availability is limited and the ticket must be bought by April 7. There is no minimum stay, but there is a two-month maximum stay. Info: China Airlines , (800) 227-5118 Source: Airfarewatchdog Follow us on Twitter @latimestravel , like us on Facebook @Los Angeles Times Travel.
June 25, 1986 | United Press International
Typhoon Nancy swept through Taiwan on Tuesday with winds up to 85 m.p.h., leaving one person missing and two injured, triggering landslides and disrupting transportation in eastern Taiwan, officials said.
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