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November 6, 1994
As a longtime viewer of KCOP-Channel 13, I must voice my displeasure over the station's six talk shows from noon to 6 p.m. Enough already. Hugh E. Salisbury, Midway City
May 7, 1995
If radio talk shows have no effect on the public's behavior, as many talk show hosts and politicians argue, then why do those same people often condemn the amount of violence and sex on television? STEVE MARTARANO Sacramento
June 21, 2013 | By Carol J. Williams
In one of the more bizarre diplomatic events of late, turbaned envoys of the Taliban cut a pink satin ribbon across the entrance of a two-story villa in Doha, Qatar, a fixed address where U.S. negotiators can find the fugitive extremists when they want to talk about peace for Afghanistan. The ritual took place under the Taliban flag and a plaque proclaiming the office a mission of “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”  Those were the symbols of statehood displayed by the Taliban during the five years they held tyrannical rule over Afghanistan and harbored Al Qaeda while it plotted the Sept.
February 21, 2010 | By David Ferrell
Whatever critics might say about George Noory, he earns credit for keeping an open mind. In fact, Noory's unmatched success on overnight talk radio may be due to his willingness to think the unthinkable -- such as when NASA gadfly Richard C. Hoagland rails about a government cover-up of ancient structures on the moon, or when a listener calls to report being attacked in bed by a dark, malevolent spirit. "It sounds kind of farfetched," Noory conceded of the latter, "yet I can't tell you how many people have had this syndrome . . . the 'Old Hag Syndrome.
February 15, 2010 | By Katherine Skiba
Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Dick Cheney sparred Sunday from the safe distance of separate talk shows, disagreeing on the greatest threat to the U.S., the use of torture and going to war in Iraq. The Democratic vice president and the Republican he replaced found little common ground in a spectacle that played out over three morning TV programs. A rare zone of agreement was the Obama administration's prosecution of the war in Afghanistan. But even then, Cheney suggested President Obama should have acted faster in deciding to send in more troops.
January 24, 2010 | By Steve Harvey
The talk-show tumult involving Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and David Letterman wouldn't have fazed viewers half a century ago in Southern California. They were used to chaos and controversy on the local TV chat circuit during that free-wheeling era of live broadcasts. On any night, a host might walk off in the middle of the program (if he had even bothered to show up). Or smash a sponsor's product on the stage. Or direct insults at spectators. Arguments with wives, on and off the air, occasionally broke out -- and only occasionally featured firearms.
July 24, 1989 | From Reuters
Talk was inexpensive in Kuwait last month. A glitch in a telephone exchange let long-distance calls in parts of June and July go unregistered, the Communications Ministry said. The gulf state's newspapers said Sunday that records for as many as half a million calls may have been lost, with the cost running into hundreds of thousands of dollars.
April 12, 1987
Frank Goss, president of Diagnostic Engineering Inc., Sierra Madre, will discuss identifying and evaluating toxic materials on construction sites Wednesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The talk will be given during the second annual Southern California Construction Expo and Conference Tuesday through Thursday.
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