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July 16, 1989 | From Associated Press
A Chevron tanker carrying 16.5 million gallons of crude oil ran aground 10 miles south of here, but there was no oil leakage or damage to the vessel's hull, a Coast Guard spokesman said Saturday. The 785-foot tanker R. Hal Dean became stuck in mud Friday evening and was refloated by Saturday morning with the help of five tugboats, a spokesman said. Some of the oil was removed to help refloat the tanker, officials said.
December 20, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
U.S. Navy sailors in the Persian Gulf enforcing an oil embargo on Iraq forcibly boarded an oil tanker that American officials said refused to let investigators on board. The U.S. action drew protest from Iran. The boarding team determined that the Belize-flagged tanker was not violating the oil embargo and allowed the vessel to proceed, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. David Lapan said in Washington.
December 8, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
A Greek tanker that spilled as much as half a million gallons of crude oil into the Delaware River last month apparently gashed its hull on a discarded pipe protruding from the river bottom, the Coast Guard said in Philadelphia. Sonar located the 15-foot, U-shaped pipe. Investigators found gouges on it and traces of paint that matched the ship.
June 28, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Indonesian naval forces stormed a hijacked Singaporean oil tanker and arrested the pirate gang that seized the vessel last week. The Selayang, chartered by Shell Oil Co., was hijacked June 19 after it left Port Dickson, Malaysia. It was bound for Labuan, Malaysia. Authorities in Malaysia and Singapore assisted Indonesia in the arrest operation. There was no immediate word on the crew's fate.
Ever since the Exxon Valdez disaster blackened Alaska's Prince William Sound last March, state and federal officials have warned that California's coastline could not be protected from an oil spill even one-tenth the size. At the same time, the United States warned last year that there was a 94% chance of a major oil spill off the Southern California coast during the next 30 years.
October 9, 1998 | From Associated Press
The Coast Guard has traced last month's messy oil spills along the Northern California coast to the 717-foot Liberian-flag tanker Command. The ship was boarded Monday while en route to Panama, where a formal investigation is to be held, Coast Guard Capt. Harlan Henderson said Thursday. "This was the first time the Coast Guard has pursued a spill into the international arena," he said at a news conference. Samples from a small spill Sept.
May 15, 1989 | From Associated Press
Fire erupted Sunday morning on a Liberian tanker carrying 450,000 barrels of crude oil, but the U.S. Coast Guard said the cargo was not threatened and the blaze was extinguished nine hours later. Two crew members on the 810-foot Jalinga were treated for smoke inhalation, officials said.
December 13, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
A disabled tanker was adrift off Marathon in the Keys near the world's third-longest barrier reef, but the Coast Guard said there was no immediate threat to the fragile coral reef. The double-hull tanker Isarstern had no cargo, but carried 90,000 gallons of fuel and 20,000 gallons of oil. The ship was on its way to Houston from Canada.
February 28, 1999 | Associated Press
The Coast Guard on Saturday shut down a 21-mile stretch of the Mississippi River to clean up fuel oil spilled when a tanker carrying gasoline lost power and hit a series of vessels. The crash about 11 p.m. Friday punctured one of the fuel tanks of the 551-foot, Liberian-flagged Hyde Park, but the Coast Guard said the 25,000 metric tons of gasoline it was transporting remained safe. It wasn't clear how much fuel oil spilled.
July 3, 1990
Fire sparked by a welder's torch erupted Monday aboard an empty oil tanker moored just inside the breakwater at Long Beach Harbor, authorities said. The fire spewed out heavy black smoke but apparently caused no significant environmental damage and no injuries. The fire broke out about 5:15 p.m. on the tanker Thompson Pass, and by 6:30 p.m. the ship's crew, aided by Long Beach Fire Department boats and the Coast Guard, had extinguished the blaze.
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