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July 26, 2002
I believe the press should have access to information and the ability to publish information that will increase our understanding of issues. The 911 tape did not need to be public ("Better to Have Left 911 Tape Unheard," July 24). It did not add to our understanding of the Samantha Runnion tragedy. This tragedy left me feeling great sympathy for Samantha's family and friends. I know many people felt a personal connection, and that made the airing of the tape more offensive as it invaded the privacy of those people who should be shown compassion at this time.
December 15, 2001
Re "Videotape a Chilling Testimony," Dec. 14: I watched the tape twice and listened to the Arabic and read the translation. I found that the translation is correct and these guys on the tape are displaying happiness and joy. Osama bin Laden clearly spoke as someone who had foreknowledge of the attacks. Bin Laden and his acquaintances do not understand Islam. No sane person can behave like that guy. Muslims do not endorse these guys, act like them or waste human lives as they did. Khaled Soliman Glendale The administration spent four days telling us how to interpret the tape before showing it to us. It's kind of like a Rorschach test in reverse.
July 24, 1987 | TERRY PRISTIN, Times Staff Writer
A woman tearfully admitted to a Los Angeles police officer that she hired another officer, William E. Leasure, to arrange the killing of her former husband, according to a tape played in court Thursday. "I asked Leasure to kill him (her former husband)," Paulette de los Reyes, 44, told Officer David Scroggins last year. "I never gave him (Leasure) any money. . . . He said, 'Paulette, I may need a favor from you someday.'
September 15, 2008 | Harriet Ryan, Times Staff Writer
The callers are usually nervous, cagey about their identities and vague when it comes to facts, but to the porn companies on the other end of the telephone, their message is easy to decipher: I know of a celebrity sex tape and I want money. "Not a week goes by that we don't get at least five calls," said Steven Hirsch, the co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment Group, the country's leading adult film producer. Actor Verne Troyer's summer-long legal battle over a sex tape put a spotlight on the market.
February 23, 1985
Baylor University basketball Coach Jim Haller resigned Friday, following a television broadcast of a tape on which he allegedly was heard discussing car payments and the use of steroids with a former player. Haller will remain as coach through the end of the Southwest Conference season, Baylor President Herbert Reynolds said.
October 11, 1985 | MARITA HERNANDEZ, Times Staff Writer
Free-lance writer Christopher Van Ness avoided a 10-day jail term for contempt of court Thursday when he surrendered a 1982 taped interview with Cathy Evelyn Smith about the drug-related death of comedian John Belushi. At a brief hearing before Los Angeles Municipal Judge James F. Nelson, Van Ness also agreed to testify today at Smith's on-going preliminary hearing, which will determine whether she will stand trial for murder. Nelson had issued the contempt order on Sept.
February 8, 1987 | SAM ENRIQUEZ, Times Staff Writer
Former Moorpark Councilman Danny Woolard said Saturday that he secretly tape-recorded a conversation last month in which the city's mayor allegedly acknowledged knowing about a $2,000 bribe Woolard said he accepted for his vote on a controversial city issue last year. Woolard told a press conference that he gave the tape to the Ventura County district attorney's office, which is conducting an investigation into political corruption in Moorpark.
August 5, 1988
Tape recordings of the torture and interrogation of slain U.S. drug agent Enrique Camarena were played to a federal jury in Los Angeles on Thursday, and two investigators identified the icy-calm voice of Camarena's inquisitor as that of a former Mexican police commander. Camarena's groans and pleas for medical attention can be heard throughout the two-hour tape in the face of questioning about his knowledge of Mexican drug trafficking.
With "Tape," Richard Linklater moves from his venturesome but problematic recent work to a traditional but more rewarding chamber drama, a deft and engaging adaptation of Stephen Belber's three-character play set in a Lansing, Mich., motel room. Shrewdly, Linklater doesn't try to play against the inherent theatricality of the material, but trusts in its power and in the talent and skill of Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard and Uma Thurman to draw us into the drama.
May 11, 1989 | JOSEPH N. BELL
I wanted to tape the Lakers' game the other evening because we were going out, so I started scrounging through several drawers of VCR tape for a blank. What I discovered, instead, was a treasure trove of shows I had taped and never watched. Most of them didn't have labels--a bad habit I'm trying to correct--so I had to put them on the VCR and play pieces of them to make sure I wasn't taping over something desperately valuable like the video of a stunt flight I made 3 years ago or my stepson's collection of Michael J. Fox minutiae.
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