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October 31, 1999
I came across the Shop Talk article recently regarding when tardiness constitutes misconduct (Aug. 15) and was disappointed in the advice. While it is difficult to show, to the satisfaction of the Employment Development Department, that an excessive tardiness problem is "willful" misconduct, there are ways to prove misconduct. A properly documented final incident is essential to prove misconduct for excessive tardiness. If the employee states that the tardiness was caused by a horrible freeway accident, for example, the EDD will almost always determine that there was no "willful" misconduct.
November 5, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
On Monday I wrote about my amateur sleuthing attempts to uncover the truth behind the Google Mystery Barge . (Spoiler alert: I failed. But did find some interesting clues.) But one of the fun things about this story is pondering just what the heck Google is doing. Because with Google, there's the feeling that it could be anything. WATCH: Unboxing the Google Nexus 5 smartphone [Video chat] Before I get to guesses that readers made, there's one aspect that came up in the reporting, but that I didn't discuss in the story.
December 27, 1992
Our readers wrote letters throughout 1992, expressing their viewpoints on a variety of issues. Here are condensed versions of some of those letters to help us remember the events that mattered to Orange County readers this past year. We would like to thank the readers who took the time to share their views, and we look forward to hearing from them and others in 1992. Locking students out of classrooms as a cure for tardiness? How desperate, how uninspired, how adversarial and punitive.
August 15, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Geronimo! An Easter egg on Google Street View will let the user explore the TARDIS from the popular British TV show "Doctor Who. " In the show, the TARDIS is the ship -- in the shape of a blue police call box -- used by the Doctor to travel through space and time, hence the acronym: Time And Relative Dimension In Space. VIDEOS: Top 5 athletic Vines of 2013 "Doctor Who" fans can find the Easter egg on this page of Google Maps , or they can go straight into the TARDIS by going to this page . Inside the TARDIS, users can look in all directions and navigate around just like they can with other pages of Street View.
July 30, 2004
Re "The Price of Hooky," editorial, July 27: As a first-year teacher in a Los Angeles Unified School District high school, not just hooky but tardiness was an epidemic problem. Administrators tell you that you cannot link attendance to grades. Attendance problems may be addressed in the citizenship section of students' grades, which is virtually meaningless to students. But when a student aces all of his or her tests and registers 22 absences and 37 tardies by the semester break, is the student really entitled to that A?
December 5, 1985 | JACK SMITH
It was inevitable, I suppose, that after boasting about my punctuality I would turn up late somewhere. It is my nature, as I said, to be on time for every event, an attitude that I learned first from my YMCA basketball coach, and have since had reinforced by the Marine Corps and the newspaper business, neither of which accepts any excuse for tardiness.
April 30, 1995 | Associated Press
A 14-year-old boy has been charged with shooting his grandparents to death in an argument about his tardiness at school, authorities said. After the boy got a letter from school about his chronic tardiness, his grandfather confronted him, Logan County State's Atty. Timothy J. Huyett said Friday. "The boy thought it was insulting and got the gun," Huyett said.
February 11, 2001
Regarding "Promises Lose Ground When Planes Are Late" (Travel Insider, Feb. 4): While three main reasons for late arrival and departure are listed (weather, politics and the airlines themselves), I fail to see mentioned the most common reason for the delay in departure that my wife and I have encountered. This is late arrival of passengers, which I find are usually in one of three categories: late arrival of a newly booked passenger, of a connecting passenger and (the most frustrating)
December 1, 2003 | Paul Gutierrez, Times Staff Writer
Being two minutes late to USC's 8:30 a.m. team breakfast Sunday at the on-campus Galen Center cost freshman twins Lodrick and Rodrick Stewart their spots in the starting lineup against Cal State Northridge. And both of their games suffered. Lodrick scored seven points on two-of-five shooting in 19 minutes and Rodrick was scoreless on two shots in 17 minutes. "Never in my life," Rodrick said when asked the last time he had not started.
March 17, 1997 | Associated Press
Cecil Fielder, locked into staying with the New York Yankees after rescinding his trade demand at the last minute, was 2 1/2 hours late for Sunday's pregame workout and was scratched from the starting lineup for the exhibition game against Philadelphia. "We don't want any distractions from here on out," said Yankee Manager Joe Torre, who indicated Fielder will be disciplined. "It's time to play baseball." Fielder blamed his absence on a miscommunication with his agent.
April 14, 2011 | By Howard Blume, Los Angeles Times
The Los Angeles Police Department has agreed to avoid ticketing tardy students who are on their way to school, lawyers and advocates for students announced Thursday. The tickets, which carry steep fines, are exactly the wrong method for achieving better attendance, said those involved. Under new and "clarified" procedures agreed to by the LAPD at the request of advocates for students, truancy sweeps will no longer occur during the first hour of classes. And daytime curfew sweeps cannot be conducted except in response to suspected criminal activity by youths in the sweep area.
April 17, 2010 | By Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
That necessity is the mother of invention is nowhere more evident than in science fiction, where invention regularly breaks the bounds of what's possible in order to accomplish what's necessary. ( If we reverse the polarity on the atomic thruster terminals, Captain, maybe we can get this microwave oven started again .) In the case of the long-running sci-fi adventure series " Doctor Who," a cult hit here and a national phenomenon at home in the U.K., the practical matter of replacing the lead actor inspired what has become the hallmark of the series, and of the character: The Doctor dies, then regenerates: the same man but different; a different man, but the same.
December 24, 2009
Dear Amy: Every year my family exchanges our gift lists, and every year I shop, wrap and ship our gifts in time for Christmas. However, one family member, who always is the first to ask what we would like for Christmas, continuously sends gifts days, weeks and at times months after Christmas. As much as we really enjoy and appreciate the gifts, it is becoming somewhat insulting to receive them so late. We have a very small family, and it is only my husband and I who receive the gifts late.
March 11, 2009
State elected officials' pay stops when the new fiscal year begins July 1 without a spending plan. But they know their back paychecks will be delivered when -- perhaps we should say if -- they finally do their duty. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called, in January, for eliminating the back pay as well.
October 1, 2008 | Alex Pham
Electronic Arts Inc. on Tuesday canceled Tiberium, a spinoff of its popular Command & Conquer franchise of shooter games, and said it would lay off an unspecified number of employees at its Playa Vista office. "The game was not on track to meet the high quality standards set by the team and by the EA Games label," EA spokeswoman Miriam Sughayer said. Sughayer said the Redwood City, Calif., developer would strive to place most of the affected workers into other EA projects. "This is not about cutting back financially," she said.
The mystery of why the California Democratic delegation, despite having a chance to do so, didn't publicly announce its preferences in the roll call that led to the historic nomination of Barack Obama for president has been solved. The answer has nothing to do with the complicated calculations we presumed might be at work. Instead, according to Bob Mulholland, a senior advisor to the state party, California took a pass simply because a tally of its 441 votes was still underway when the state's name was called.
April 22, 1990
Some important questions remain since Scott Mather, one of the most tireless advocates for the poor and homeless in Orange County, acknowledged that he defrauded at least five charities of more than $27,000 in phony insurance policies over the last five years. Mather, an independent insurance agent, repaid much of the money by taking out a second mortgage on his house. The most intriguing question is, of course, why did Mather do it?
June 21, 1985
Summer will be a little late arriving in Southern California this year--as usual, the National Weather Service said Thursday. Although the season officially began at 3:44 a.m. today, weather service meteorologist Bob Grebe reminded sun-worshipers that July, August and September are the true summer months in this part of the world, while June is still the season of morning fog and low clouds.
June 11, 2008 | Jack Leonard
An attorney who was jailed last week after repeatedly arriving late -- or not at all -- to court has been placed on inactive status by the State Bar of California, thereby preventing him from practicing law, authorities said Tuesday. The order barring Stephen Charles Hollingsworth from representing clients takes effect Thursday and followed a confidential hearing into Hollingsworth's enrollment in the State Bar's "alternative discipline program." In the last few years, the attorney has been accused of a range of misconduct, including incompetence and misappropriating at least $2,643 from a client.
June 6, 2008 | Jack Leonard, Times Staff Writer
Rare is the case that lands a defense attorney behind bars with his client. But that's what happened to lawyer Stephen Charles Hollingsworth this week. His alleged crime: tardiness. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge John J. Cheroske was so frustrated with Hollingsworth arriving at court late -- or sometimes not at all -- that he threw him in jail as a way of ensuring that the attorney would show up for court on time.
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