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While the Japanese art of full-body tattooing has many foreign fans, one of the most infamous must certainly be Charles Manson. In a dusty glass case at the back of the Yokohama Tattoo Museum are page after page of letters written by Manson to Horiyoshi III, the working name of museum founder Yoshihito Nakano. Manson was convicted in 1971 in the bloody Tate-LaBianca murders, a notorious crime that left a jarring memory on a generation.
June 3, 1998 | TOM SCHULTZ
Letters and insignia fade. The ink disappears. And as the tattoos are shed, so, too, go the gang-life sensibilities depicted. As a youth, Jessie Dominguez of Arleta got drunk and got tattoos, he said. Now the 41-year-old former gang member and recent UCLA graduate in communications bares his skin to a laser. Assorted death imagery--such as skulls on his forearms, neck and shoulder blades--vanishes.
July 27, 1995 | ROSE APODACA JONES
Stop and think before undergoing the needle, say experts. * Meet with an artist before getting any work done, suggests Craig Jackman, manager of Skinworks in Balboa. Make sure sanitary conditions prevail. * Be sober. Jackson says inebriated people are turned away at his salon. These are no longer the days of waking up with some strange name on your arm. * Decide on your design in advance. "A tattoo is art. The canvas is your body.
July 16, 2004 | From Times Staff Reports
A man with what appeared to be tattooed fingers walked off with a bag of cash after holding up a Mission Viejo bank early Thursday, authorities said. The man, thought to be in his 30s, gave a teller a note demanding money and a bag for the cash. Once the bag had been filled, he shoved the robbery note into the sack and walked out of the Bank of America on Trabuco Road. Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI at (310) 477-6565.
August 16, 1996
As trendy as Hermosa Beach may be, the tattoo craze will not be coming to town. The City Council this week voted not to allow tattoo parlors to open in the city because council members felt it was not the type of business they wanted to see come to town. "I just don't believe it would be perceived as a pro-business measure the way Hermosa is going," said Councilman Sam Edgerton, who was one of three members who voted against the proposal.
July 17, 1996 | DARRELL SATZMAN
Alarmed by the recent debut of the city's first tattoo and body piercing parlor, the San Fernando City Council on Monday unanimously passed an emergency ordinance imposing a 45-day moratorium on the opening of similar businesses. Councilman Raul Godinez II, acting as mayor pro tem at Monday's council meeting, said the city would use the time to possible zoning restrictions that would make businesses offering tattoos, body-piercing or selling drug paraphernalia less accessible to minors.
September 10, 1994 | FRANK MANNING
A Tarzana man was sentenced to six months in jail Friday at Van Nuys Municipal Court for giving a 16-year-old girl a permanent tattoo he told her would wash off, authorities said. Edward Flores, 27, received the maximum sentence that could be imposed under a law prohibiting the tattooing of anyone under the age of 18, said Los Angeles City Atty. Jim Hahn. Flores tattooed a rose measuring 2 1/4 by 5 inches on the girl's upper right arm. He pleaded guilty to the charge.
May 10, 1999 | JERRY HICKS
Mario Muzzy, whose faded T-shirt identifies him as the "Needle Master," is a walking advertisement for his Garden Grove tattoo business. His arms are covered by blue-ink demons and dragons. His smile shows a missing front tooth when I ask him who his customers are. "Everyone from dirt bikers to businessmen to older ladies going through menopause," he said. Tattoos used to result from temporary drunken insanity. But it's getting so even a lot of sane folks are into them now.
June 26, 2006 | From Times wire reports
A worrisome superbug seen in prisoners and athletes is also showing up in people who get illegal tattoos, federal health officials said Thursday. Forty-four tattoo customers in Ohio, Kentucky and Vermont developed skin infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
March 17, 2010 | Tim Rutten
In my business, there are few sounds more ominous than that of a good friend's book landing on your desk. When that friend isn't a professional writer, the desire to run can be almost irresistible: "Your book? No, I never saw it. You know I've been in Costa Rica. Beautiful place, but I lost my sight to a rare tropical parasite." Father Greg Boyle, the Jesuit priest who founded Homeboy Industries -- Los Angeles' most successful effort to fruitfully engage young men and women caught up in the gang life -- has been my friend for more than two decades.
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