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October 10, 1985
So the State of California is concerned about the loss of taxes as a result of holdbacks from several oil companies at their filling stations. True as this might be, may I cite just one day's tax evasions in my routine day around Los Angeles. On the way to work I stopped for a doughnut at a coffee shop and the cash register recorded zero on my check. At lunch the sandwich shop operator worked from an open drawer and recorded not one sale while I was there. So what else is new?
June 20, 2010
Question: I recently booked a trip through a tour company, with the flights on Air France. We were hit with a $437 surcharge for a flight that originally cost $800. I won't cancel the trip, but I certainly will never book another for which Air France is the carrier. Is this legal? Peggy Brutsche Long Beach Answer: When I receive letters like this, I often go from zero to outrage in 2.2 seconds. But in this case, my ire, which I so savor, was unwarranted.
May 2, 2013 | By Ronald D. White
California gasoline prices have fallen by 77.4 cents a gallon from the record of $4.671 set in October. But the state's prices remain among the highest in the nation, and today is no exception. California is running fourth behind Hawaii, Alaska and Illinois with an average of $3.897 a gallon, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report. One reason is that California has the nation's highest taxes on gasoline, at 38.2 cents a gallon, according to the Energy Department's most recent survey.
April 10, 2013 | By Chris Megerian
SACRAMENTO -- Senate leader Darrell Steinberg wants to slam the brakes on any talk of tinkering with local tax rules. Democratic lawmakers have floated the possibility of making it easier for school districts to raise parcel taxes and change the way property taxes are calculated for commercial buildings. The proposals involve modifying Proposition 13, the landmark constitutional amendment that limited taxes in 1978. Steinberg (D-Sacramento) told reporters Wednesday that he doesn't want to hear about it, at least not in 2013.
February 3, 2009 | Noam N. Levey
Congressional Democrats moved Monday to shore up Tom Daschle's nomination to become President Obama's secretary of Health and Human Services as the former senator apologized publicly for not paying more than $128,000 in income taxes. "The American people have high expectations for those of us who serve the public good. That's especially true when it comes to taxes.
May 18, 2012 | By Jim Puzzanghera, Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON - Eduardo Saverin fled Brazil as a boy and lived the American dream by helping found Facebook Inc. Now two U.S. senators want to make sure he never sets foot in the U.S. again unless he pays tens of millions of dollars in taxes he will owe after the company's initial public offering Friday. Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship this year and is living in Singapore, a country with no capital gains tax. Sens. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.) denounced him Thursday as a tax dodger and introduced legislation to punish anyone who gives up citizenship to duck big tax bills.
July 6, 2009 | Janet Hook
When Congress decides how to pay for President Obama's signature healthcare initiative, some of his strongest political bastions may be footing a heavy bill. And in a political irony, states that went for Obama's Republican rival, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, in 2008 are among those likely to benefit most from Democratic healthcare policies.
October 18, 2013 | By Tracy Wilkinson
MEXICO CITY - It may soon cost more to get fat in Mexico. New taxes on high-calorie foods and sugary drinks were approved by Mexico's lower house of Congress in a marathon 18-hour session that ended Friday, and are likely to become law. They are part of a broader package of taxes and other fiscal changes proposed by President Enrique Peña Nieto aimed at generating nearly $20 billion for the national treasury. Mexico has one of the world's highest rates of obesity, recently surpassing the United States, and health experts applauded higher prices for chips, candy and other chatarra , or junk food.
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