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Teen Age Girls

October 24, 1987
I'm writing in response to all the publicity generated by the near-tragic fall of Jessica. I found myself reading right along, feeling the emotional plight as so many others obviously did. I recently began work at a home for abused teen-age girls--50-plus girls who also unfortunately fell in a well, yet for some reason do not receive the same outpouring of concern that Jessica received. We as a nation open our hearts and emotions to a single child yet do nothing for the countless others.
August 16, 1985
Your article (Aug. 2), "Media Campaign on Teen Pregnancies Rejected," about the three television networks rejecting birth control messages, reflects prevailing ignorance about the subject of teen-age pregnancy. Adolescent girls do not get pregnant because of lack of knowledge about contraception. The notion that providing birth control information will stem the tide of these pregnancies is foolish. Teen-age girls know where babies come from and are familiar with the most common contraceptive methods.
August 22, 1987
The husband of a woman whose burning body was found this week in a backyard near Compton will not be prosecuted, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office said Friday. Ted Perez, 30, of Rowland Heights was arrested Wednesday after the body of his wife, Rachel Perez, 29, was found. The victim's daughter, Quiana Marie Cortinez, had been set afire. She remains in critical condition at County-USC Medical Center.
May 14, 1985 | United Press International
A Social Security Administration employee was fired for allegedly violating privacy regulations after he mailed gifts of $50 of his own money to teen-age girls who claimed orphan benefits. Tim Bindner, 37, a divorced $28,000-a-year claims authorizer, said, "I've always wanted to give away money to people who needed it, and I finally got the chance to do it." He said he "usually didn't even put a return address on the envelopes, and when I did I used a PO box with no name.
A 23-year-old South San Gabriel man has been arrested for the brutal slaying of his neighbor in May and the rape of her two girls, authorities said Saturday. Andrew Ray Arias, 23, was arrested Friday night without incident at his apartment in the 1400 block of North San Gabriel Boulevard, three months after his neighbor, Patricia Corpolongo, was found raped and bludgeoned to death in her house on the ranch property next door, authorities said.
April 30, 1989 | TRACEY KAPLAN, Times Staff Writer
Not much is known about Jack Kagen, except that the lonely nursing home resident cherished visits from youngsters who came every year to sing Christmas carols from Penny Lane, a nonprofit home in Sepulveda for emotionally handicapped children. So much so, in fact, that when Kagen died last year, he left $55,000 to Penny Lane--enough to launch a major renovation effort that is transforming the former convalescent home from a drab building with paint-chipped walls, dark halls and low ceilings to a sunny sanctuary.
March 7, 1987 | ELLEN APPEL
"A Wee Bit of Ireland" was not the usual lunch parade of fashions. At Wednesday's benefit for Florence Crittenton Services of Orange County, the show was by Mr. Blackwell, a fashion designer famous for his annual worst-dressed list. "If people think they're seeing a fashion show, then I have failed," said Blackwell during the cocktail hour. "You must feel you're looking at art. My fashions are an expression of art."
November 15, 1987 | Sheldon Teitelbaum
Teen-age girls can handle the graphic depiction of incest in a book--but not in color on the big screen. That's what producer Chuck Fries and distributor New World found out in tests for their gothic thriller, "Flowers in the Attic," due out Friday with critical re-cutting. The movie's based on the 1979 best-seller by the late V. C. Andrews that involves the erotic awakening of a brother and sister locked away in an attic by their insane mother. But its path to film has been rocky.
August 18, 1987 | Jack Smith
As someone has noted, we are now in the No generation. We have just emerged from the Me generation, when self-indulgence was the national ethic, and suddenly our options are curtailed by AIDS and other negative phenomena.
A 20-year-old Anaheim man was sentenced Friday to 146 years in prison for his part in gang rapes of two teen-age girls at a community center. Gilbert De La Cruz, one of four suspected Anaheim gang members charged in the rapes, sat without visible emotion as Superior Court Judge Richard L. Weatherspoon announced the sentence. De La Cruz will be eligible for parole at the age of 92. Members of his family sobbed in the courtroom. The victims were not present.
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