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February 23, 1992
The critique of Mayor Bradley's long tenure should have been titled "Teflon Tom Plows On." LEO RENE CARRILLO San Bernardino
November 18, 1986
If Jimmy Carter were in the White House ransoming hostages with arms shipments to Iran, guess who would be leading the lynch mob? That's the difference between Velcro and Teflon. MACY BAUM Los Angeles
August 16, 1986
I agree with Don Hopper's Viewpoint letter regarding Pedro Guerrero. The Times and Dodger management have made the "Teflon player." Guerrero should be sent down to the minors, just as Brock was, until he gets in shape and it might wake him up. The knee injury was probably the best thing that ever happened to Guerrero. Now he has an alibi for the rest of his playing days. BILL STEIN Encino
June 1, 1986
Reagan has got to be the biggest hypocrite in the entire country. Here is a President who has cut funding for the poor in this country ever since he has been in office. Millions of people have gone below the poverty level since he has ben in office. Then he has the nerve to get in the Hands Across America event. When will the American people see through this Teflon man? E.M. SAVIDGE Midway City
July 10, 1997 | ASSOCIATED PRESS
Out of the frying pan and onto your clothes. DuPont's Teflon, which put the no-stick coating on cookware, is broadening its stain-free finishes for ready-to-wear. Most spills on treated clothes bead up and can be blotted off. Last fall, Koret of California, which caters to the working woman, added Teflon fabric protector to a collection of wool separates. Even silk can be treated to stay clean longer without losing its soft touch and bright color.
July 13, 1987
North in his testimony has demonstrated loyalty to his country and has shown himself to be a genuine patriot. It is unfortunate he is being used as a scapegoat by the Administration of the man in the Teflon suit. If this had happened during the tenure of any other President, impeachment would have been a serious possibility. Now after spending four years in office insisting he knows everything going on in his Administration, the President is spending his last term insisting he knows nothing going on in his Administration.
October 28, 1989
My heart bleeds for all four seeing as how they are forced to live on a mere presidential pension of $99,500 annually, plus federal financing of office space, furnishings, travel, mail and first-class medical care. Not to mention private income from speeches, books, articles, business and investments, etc. Doesn't the $3-trillion budget deficit tax-burdened public care that we are supporting another "royal" family every four to eight years? I hear Ron and Nancy have traveled to Japan for 11 days to entrance the Japanese television public with Teflon "cowboy" big business commercials for $2 million-plus.
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