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June 1, 1987 | Associated Press
Smoke from a compressor fire filled the studios of WSLS-TV two minutes before the 6 p.m. news, but anchorwoman Laurie Penco stayed on the air reading the day's events. "I couldn't really see the TelePrompTer," Penco said today of Sunday's fire. "We ought to put a fog light on it." Firefighters tried to get the smoke out of the studio with a noisy fan. "They brought a huge fan in and it was really loud," Penco said. "He tried to turn it on, but I made him turn it off."
September 6, 2008 | Julian E. Barnes, Times Staff Writer
A teleprompter error at the Republican National Convention, not the ad-libbing of a former prisoner of war, led to the identification of two Navy SEALs in violation of military rules, a GOP official said Friday. At the convention on Tuesday, delegates watched a moving video tribute to Medal of Honor winner and fallen SEAL Michael A. Monsoor of Garden Grove. Afterward, Orson Swindle, a retired Marine officer who shared a North Vietnamese prison cell with Republican presidential nominee John McCain, asked two members of Monsoor's SEAL Team 3 to stand, naming them.
August 16, 1996 | LARRY STEWART
This was supposed to be a big week for Chris Berman. On Thursday, ABC was to announce that, in addition to his ESPN duties, Berman would also be the new halftime host on "Monday Night Football," replacing Brent Musburger. The plan was to put Berman on a conference call with reporters, where he could answer questions about what this move would mean to his career, which already includes four awards as sportscaster of the year. All that got put on hold, however.
There's been a lot of ink spilled and hot air expended about how to cover and comment on the World Trade Center disaster, the anthrax scare and the bombing of Afghanistan. How aggressively should the media pursue operational details? Have they been too uncritical of the administration's domestic antiterrorist policies? Should they keep their clothes on? This last question is certainly not going to be entertained by Dan Rather or Christiane Amanpour.
August 29, 1986 | BILL CHRISTINE, Times Staff Writer
No matter what Flying Pidgeon does in Sunday's Budweiser-Arlington Million, trainer Luis Olivares has had a good stay in this Chicago suburb. The 14 jockeys who will ride in the sixth edition of the Million will likely be talking about saving ground with their mounts. Olivares has saved a life. A few days before Arlington Park opened its two-week season Aug.
May 5, 2011 | By Michael A. Memoli
With nearly 7 million views in just five days, President Obama's speech at the White House correspondents dinner Saturday is now the most-watched Obama public speech on YouTube, C-SPAN said Thursday. The video shows Obama poking fun at the recent birth certificate controversy and his reliance on a teleprompter. But perhaps its biggest selling point is Obama's roasting of would-be presidential rival Donald Trump. Just 36 hours after giving the go order for the mission that would kill Osama bin Laden, Obama sarcastically praised Trump for his leadership and decision-making on "Celebrity Apprentice.
May 5, 2011 | By James Oliphant
The image of President Obama, standing in the White House East Room Sunday evening, solemnly declaring that America’s public enemy number one, Osama bin Laden, was dead, was published in newspapers all over the world. But what if that photo wasn’t real? A provocative post on the website of the Poynter Institute, which provides training for journalists, details how the president recreated the first 30 seconds of his televised address, including his approach to the podium, to the nation for the still photographers present after the speech was concluded.
January 6, 2014 | By Oliver Gettell
Michael Bay is known for his big, loud action spectacles, but an appearance at CES 2014 in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon found the "Transformers" director awkwardly, uncomfortably quiet. While participating in a Samsung news conference to hype the company's new curved UHD TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show, Bay was rattled by a teleprompter glitch, then flubbed his lines and walked off stage. Bay was initially brought up with "Transformers" footage playing and said, "My job as a director is I get to dream for a living.
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