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Television Ratings

January 23, 1998
Networks sell advertising time based principally on their performance among key demographic groups, which vary based on the time of day. Ratings performance in these categories gives a rough indication of network revenues in the given time period, though profitability can vary based on programming costs and other factors. The ratings below are for prime-time programming for the week of Jan. 12. Data for early- morning, daytime, late-night and Saturday morning programming were not available.
February 8, 1998 | Associated Press
CBS got a 17.0 rating and a 28 share Friday night for its first live prime-time coverage of the opening ceremony, according to a fast national rating released by the network Saturday. That is 18.7% lower than the 20.9 rating CBS got at Lillehammer in 1994 and 17.2% higher than from Albertville in 1992. Both of those ceremonies were shown on taped delay on Saturday nights, traditionally the lowest-rated night of television.
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