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Television Ratings

July 13, 1994 | LEE MARGULIES
Newsmagazines made another strong showing in the television ratings last week, led by "60 Minutes," which topped the popularity list released Tuesday by the A. C. Nielsen Co. The long-running CBS series was seen in 14.6 million homes on Sunday night. Other newsmagazines finishing among the week's Top 20 were ABC's "20/20," "PrimeTime Live" and "Turning Point," and two installments of "Dateline NBC."
O.J. Simpson's flight from police and his subsequent capture in front of his home last Friday earned bonanza television ratings, attracting almost as many viewers locally as last year's brush fires and the 1992 Los Angeles riots, according to figures released Monday by station researchers and the A. C. Nielsen Co.
July 30, 2001 | THOMAS BONK
With the possible exception of David Duval, nothing in the world of golf is hotter than the sand in the bunkers at Bighorn, which is pretty much guaranteed to melt the soles of your shoes. The temperature for the third Battle at Bighorn late this afternoon is going to be high, we know that, but the actual reason there is even a third edition is the chance that the television ratings are going to be right up there too.
February 2, 1999 | LARRY STEWART
Sunday's game between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons, which was essentially over early in the second half, drew one of the worst Super Bowl TV ratings. Fox's 3-hour 20-minute telecast of Denver's 34-19 victory got a 40.2 national rating, the lowest since 1990, and a 61 share, which matched the lowest for the Super Bowl. San Francisco's 55-10 victory over Denver in 1990 drew a 39.0, which was the lowest since Super Bowl III in 1969 got a 36.0.
June 20, 2000 | LARRY STEWART
It didn't matter that there was never a doubt who would win. The average overnight rating for Sunday's final round of the U.S. Open was the highest ever for an Open--an 8.8 with a 21 share of the audience. In L.A., the numbers were 8.7/23 for Tiger Woods' 15-stroke victory. An overnight rating represents 48 of the nation's largest markets, or 63% of the country. National ratings will be out later this week. The record national rating for golf is a 14.
Like parties to a peace treaty ending a bitter war, President Clinton and the leading moguls of the entertainment industry will step before the cameras separately Thursday to announce the creation of a ratings system that may change forever how families use their television sets and mark a milestone in the nation's struggle over popular values.
July 17, 1991 | STEVEN HERBERT
The U.S. Olympic Festival's first three ESPN telecasts, which featured primarily boxing and figure skating, have been seen by an average of 0.9% of the 58.8 million households nationwide, according to figures released Tuesday by the A.C. Nielsen Co. The best rating, 1.2 (about 705,000 households), was for Saturday afternoon's telecast, seen from 1-4 p.m. PDT. Saturday night's 9-11 p.m. telecast drew an 0.5 rating (294,000 households), and Sunday afternoon's 1:30-3:30 p.m.
July 10, 1991 | audience--about 5.3 million homes. and LEE MARGULIES
Independence Day notwithstanding, last week provided no cause for celebration at the major networks. Ratings released Tuesday by the A. C. Nielsen Co. showed that ABC, CBS and NBC combined to attract only 50% of the people watching prime-time television last week. Fox accounted for another 11%, leaving 39% who were viewing cable or independent stations. Only four of the week's 91 programs garnered more than a 25% share of the audience, and only 18 others registered even a 20% share.
October 10, 2006 | Larry Stewart
More than 75% of the people in San Diego watching television for much of Sunday night were watching the Chargers or Padres. The Chargers' 23-13 comeback victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on NBC got a 27.5 rating in San Diego with a 42 share of the audience. The Padres' 6-2 playoff loss to the St. Louis Cardinals on Fox got a 17.2/34.
February 10, 1993 | LEE MARGULIES
CBS won the first Sunday night shootout of the February ratings sweeps, with its frontier movie "Skylark" drawing a slightly larger audience than NBC's "Laugh-In" reunion in the 9-11 p.m. period. Ratings released Tuesday by the A. C. Nielsen Co. showed that "Skylark," a sequel to 1991's high-rated "Sarah, Plain and Tall," ranked No. 4 for the week with about 18.5 million homes tuned in.
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