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Terrorism Case

October 9, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
An Afghan immigrant accused of plotting a terrorist attack in New York City contacted accomplices there while making a cross-country drive from Denver, raising concerns among investigators that he was sending instructions to purchase more bomb-making chemicals, officials familiar with the case said. Terrorism investigators are trying to determine whether suspect Najibullah Zazi sent instructions to associates as he drove to New York last month, law enforcement officials told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.
September 15, 2009 | Josh Meyer
New York authorities raided several homes in Queens early Monday as part of an effort to dismantle a suspected cell of locally based Islamist militants, according to law enforcement officials. No one had been arrested in connection with the raids by Monday evening, one senior federal law enforcement official said. Local and federal officials said that they did not believe any specific terrorist plot was disrupted by the action. They said officials had been monitoring a small group that espoused radical ideologies aligned with Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups.
August 13, 2009 | Sebastian Rotella
An Atlanta jury on Wednesday found a 23-year-old man guilty of aiding terrorist groups after a trial that explored a subculture of youthful extremists who used the Internet to plot attacks and form a loose network connecting North America, Europe and South Asia. Ehsanul Sadequee, the U.S.-born son of Bangladeshi immigrants, faces up to 60 years in prison after being convicted of conspiracy to materially support terrorists. The jury found that he had discussed attacks with accused militants in Toronto and Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
An Indonesian court has sentenced a Singaporean man to 18 years in prison on terrorism charges. Mohammad Hasan bin Saynudin, who claims to have met Osama bin Laden on many occasions, was convicted of plotting to kill a teacher and planning a deadly attack on a bar frequented by Western tourists. Saynudin, 36, was defiant as he was led into the South Jakarta District Court, saying he considered himself a martyr and would accept any punishment handed down. "You can throw me in jail," he said.
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