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February 23, 1990
A comparison of some of former President Ronald Reagan's answers to his interrogators in the case against John M. Poindexter, his former national security adviser, and what has been said previously on the subject. QUESTION: "Did you authorize the diversion of funds from the Iran arm sales to the Contras?" REAGAN: "I had no knowledge then or now that there had been a diversion . . . .
May 7, 1996 | From Associated Press
A doctor who performed the autopsy on the body of Polly Klaas testified Monday to the pitiful state of her remains, a litany of horrors that sent her family fleeing from the courtroom. Later in the day, three jurors wept as they looked at photographs of Polly's small, headless body, partially clad in a child's flannel nightgown. Others grimaced and appeared to be fighting for control.
March 9, 2001
Convicted killer Justin Merriman unexpectedly testified at his penalty trial Thursday and denied murdering 20-year-old Santa Monica College student Katrina Montgomery. Merriman, a skinhead gang member, stunned prosecutors and his own attorneys by demanding to take the stand just moments before they were scheduled to give closing arguments. "You don't know the whole picture of me," Merriman said. "I am very innocent of these crimes." But he refused to answer questions from Deputy Dist. Atty.
February 22, 1990 | Associated Press
The Bush Administration said Wednesday that it will not seek deletions from the videotaped testimony former President Ronald Reagan gave for the Iran-Contra trial of his national security adviser, John M. Poindexter. The Administration's statement in a court filing that it "does not request such deletions" indicates that the tape is ready to be played at Poindexter's trial, scheduled to begin on March 5 in federal court.
September 6, 1996 | DAVAN MAHARAJ
Jurors deliberating in the trial of former Budget Director Ronald S. Rubino spent most of Thursday morning listening to court reporters read back the testimony of former Treasurer Robert L. Citron. In its second day of deliberations, the jurors asked for the Citron testimony and that of Rubino, accused of helping Citron misappropriate public funds. But they never got to the Rubino testimony. The trial is scheduled to resume this morning in Orange County Superior Court.
November 9, 2000 | From Associated Press
The lawyer for an American accused of spying in Russia said Wednesday that the professor from whom Edmond D. Pope allegedly obtained technical data on a torpedo system has recanted his testimony. The court refused to immediately accept the claim. Pope, a businessman and former U.S. Navy officer, was arrested in April and is being tried behind closed doors in Moscow on charges of trying to buy classified plans for a high-speed Russian torpedo system.
May 19, 2005 | From Bloomberg News
A New York judge signed an order Wednesday seeking the testimony in Germany of DaimlerChrysler Chief Executive Juergen Schrempp as part of a legal effort to force former New York Stock Exchange Chief Executive Richard Grasso to return at least $100 million in pay. Schrempp was an NYSE director from 2000 to 2003 and a member of the compensation committee while on the board.
Former President Ronald Reagan testified behind closed doors for about six hours here Friday, facing some of the most detailed questions he has ever had to answer about his role in the Iran-Contra affair that rocked the closing years of his second term. Called as a defense witness by former White House National Security Adviser John M. Poindexter, Reagan's appearance was videotaped so his testimony can be scrubbed clean of any diplomatic and military secrets that may have been mentioned.
April 20, 1988 | Associated Press
The Senate should stop requiring Supreme Court nominees to testify in public because the confirmation hearings can "completely distort" the candidates' qualifications, a panel of lawyers recommended Tuesday. "The confirmation process has become dangerously close to looking like the electoral process," the Task Force on Judicial Selection, a privately financed committee chaired by former New York Gov. Hugh L. Carey, concluded in a report.
November 13, 1992
Scheduled appearances before the Orange County Grand Jury of three assistants to Supervisor Don R. Roth have been postponed until next week, officials said Thursday. The Roth aides had been ordered to testify before the grand jury today. They were subpoenaed last week by the district attorney's office as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into whether Roth, 71, exchanged political favors for unreported gifts from several local business people.
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