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December 30, 2005
Re "'No Contact' a Touchy Issue at Middle School," Dec. 27 Right. This is what the administrators need to be focused on, "no contact" between students. These are kids. They are doing what kids have always done. There is still going to be kissing; there are still going to be fights. It's hard enough growing up today without school officials and parents throwing up more roadblocks in their kids' paths. Most of us who grew up in past decades seem to have done pretty well without our every action having been scrutinized.
November 22, 2008
Re "Should you be able to call from the wild?" Nov. 17 Absent from your article describing the controversy surrounding the erection of cellphone towers in our national parks system was the most important reason for extending such service into wilderness and park areas: Its importance as an emergency communications network. How many times have we heard stories of stranded, lost or injured people obtaining help in remote and sparsely populated areas by using their cellphones -- sometimes in spite of extremely poor signals in those areas?
August 22, 2008 | Patrick McGreevy, Times Staff Writer
Everyone knows not to get caught DWI, but tech-savvy drivers may soon be outlawed from engaging in DWT -- driving while texting. Trying to keep pace with advances in technology, a divided state Senate approved a measure Thursday that would outlaw text messaging by motorists in California. "Texting while driving is so obviously unsafe that it's hard to believe anyone would attempt it, yet everyday observation suggests there are an awful lot of folks who do," said Sen. Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto)
March 13, 2011 | David Sarno
The gig: Scott Lahman is co-founder and chief executive of Gogii Inc., a Marina del Rey start-up that created the free text-messaging application textPlus for the iPhone and Android smart phones. TextPlus is one of Apple Inc.'s all-time most popular "apps," with nearly 8 million active users. The ad-supported app allows users to join group texting conversations with people in their social circles or interest groups, and is an attempt to add new visual and social functions to text messaging, long an unadorned but widely used technology.
February 8, 2011 | By Catherine Saillant, Los Angeles Times
One by one, survivors and family members of those killed in the Chatsworth Metrolink rail disaster rose to a lectern Monday to talk about the injuries and nightmares that have haunted them in the years since the head-on crash between a commuter line and a freight train. Though many had done it before ? for depositions and court hearings ? this time they were telling their stories for officials with Veolia, the French-owned conglomerate that employed the engineer who federal transportation officials say caused the crash because he was text messaging.
March 30, 2007 | JOEL STEIN
I ALWAYS WONDERED how much my soul was worth. So when Cinemax asked me if I'd go on camera to interview soft-core porn stars on the set of its new series, "Sin City Diaries," in return for $2,000 and a free night in Las Vegas, I discovered that my soul was worth some amount less than $2,000 and a free night in Las Vegas.
December 23, 2004
"A Writer Turns to Teaching," the three-part series by Erika Hayasaki (Dec. 19-21) about a first-year teacher, was insightful and powerful. I've taught for seven years and am far removed from the nightmares of my first year. Why stick it out? For me it was the kids. But for some that's not enough. I think Ricardo Acuna made the right decision. No one deserves to have his life ruined by a job. Like Acuna, I have a dream. A dream where parents care more about their kids than teachers do, where all the cable TV stations go off the air from 3 to 11 p.m., where all the video game systems break down and where kids read and write instead of e-mailing and text messaging.
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