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September 22, 1992
As to the GOP God theory--God is not a Republican or Democrat. In fact she is not even an American. LORRIE EBERT, Idyllwild
October 26, 2008
Geoff Boucher's piece on Mark Everett's memoir of his father, Hugh Everett III, says nothing about the subject of the memoir ["A Pained Dad, a Poetic Son," Oct. 19]. Apparently the father was rebuffed by Nils Bohr with respect to his Many Worlds Theory, which led him to depression. What is not said is whether Hugh Everett III was bound for depression because his theory, which was not discussed in any detail, in fact did not work. The theory, that every decision we make splits off a new parallel universe, does not make any sense to me. Why would a decision create a wholly new universe?
July 20, 1985
In your editorial you assert, "the fact is that the theory of evolution is correct, and no amount of religious faith can gainsay it." You add that although the "mechanism of evolution remains open to debate . . . the fact of evolution does not." Such an ex cathedra pronouncement is perfectly astonishing. We have not heard the likes of it since the Great Scientist of the U.S.S.R. pronounced Lysenko's genetics no longer "open to debate." If "creationism is harmful to education," then not only the Bible, but also the Declaration of Independence--and indeed many other works of Jefferson--must be banned from the schools.
January 11, 1992
Todd Christensen, nice article (Jan. 3), nice guy, good football player. But, perhaps, a little too clever. His "25% theory" is in no way his. I don't know who was the first to espouse this saying, but it wasn't Todd Christensen. In fact, the first time I ever heard that theory was on an episode of the old television series, "The White Shadow." RODNEY K. BOSWELL Los Angeles
November 4, 1992
We all know what happened in the '80s and its aftermath. The trickle-down theory strapped us with mounting debts and left the economy to stray away. Modified flat taxes eliminated the fairness of progressive tax theory. President Bush was perfectly correct when he termed the supply-side economics as voodoo economics in the 1980 primaries. Finally Laffer's curve turned out to be a "big laugh"! NANDA SENATHI Los Angeles
March 22, 1993
Bob Baker's theory is that greedy taxpayers are responsible for the condition of Los Angeles. The theory is trite, irresponsible and just plain wrong. In a city whose population has increased 50% in 30 years and whose city budget has increased 1,600% in that time, the taxpayers have kept up with their responsibilities. JOEL FOX, President Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. Los Angeles
January 16, 1986
In their letters attacking the teaching of evolution in public schools, John Stevens ans Cameron Whitehead trot out the same old tired and fallacious arguments that fundamentalist biblical creationists have been resorting to for more than a decade now, arguments that are grounded in an in-depth ignorance of both the nature of science and of the theory of evolution. Both gentlemen appear to think that they have made a great point in contending that there is no "proof" of the theory of evolution.
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