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Thomas Jefferson High School

July 8, 1993
Bad news for President Clinton. The San Gabriel Unified School District will not consider naming its first high school after him. A majority of more than 60 students and local residents who responded to a district request for high school names suggested Clinton's. But a district committee decided it is too soon to use the name of the five-month president. Three names will be chosen for a ballot that will appear in the district newsletter later this year.
March 3, 1992 | From Reuters
Mayor David N. Dinkins on Monday enacted a $28-million plan to protect high school students from rampant violence. Dinkins had more police stationed in school corridors and metal detectors installed at the doors less than a week after a 15-year-old brought a stolen, .38-caliber handgun to school and killed two other teen-agers in a hallway that was teeming with police because the mayor was coming to the school to make a speech.
Defending champions North Hollywood High School finished sixth Monday after three days of competition at the National Science Bowl in Washington, D.C. Virginia's Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology took first place, Boulder High School in Colorado came in second and Mission San Jose High School finished third. "We had some excellent teams out there," said North Hollywood senior Julia Hu. "They were really fast, and I think we encountered a lot of bad luck."
September 17, 2007
Re "Filing isn't learning," editorial, Sept. 12 Everything I had to know to work in an office, I learned while a high school student in the Office Service Club at Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn. This experience enabled me to get good-paying jobs while in college and helped me to efficiently run a Los Angeles school as principal.
March 2, 2003
The Southeast L.A. suburb of Vernon is known as a haven for meatpacking, industry and, lately, artists and garmentos. But take note, architecture fans, Vernon and its environs harbor Modernist gems. Below, excerpts from a self-guided tour assembled by the Da Camera Society of Mount St. Mary's College for a January concert in its Chamber Music in Historic Sites series, which was held at Tamayo Restaurant in Los Angeles. * Farmer John's Clougherty Packing Co. 3049 E. Vernon Ave.
January 25, 2004 | From Associated Press
A police officer on routine patrol killed a man at a public housing project early Saturday, and the police commissioner said later that the shooting was not justified. The 35-year-old Housing Authority officer, who was not identified, had never before fired a shot on duty in his 11-year career, Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. The officer and his partner were patrolling the housing project when they encountered Timothy Stansbury Jr.
April 21, 2012 | By Kim Christensen, Los Angeles Times
The L.A. Dodgers have been getting all the ink, but they aren't the only recent acquisition by Chicago financier Mark Walter. They're not even the most important, at least not from John Penn's perch at the old Grubstake Building in downtown Crested Butte, Colo. Ask Penn about "the new owner" and he'll be talking landlords, not baseball. Last year, Walter bought the building that houses Penn's tobacco shop, a Nepalese restaurant and an art-glass gallery in the ski resort.
A principal's dream to show off a high school, nationally recognized for making educational progress in one of this city's toughest neighborhoods, was shattered Wednesday when a 15-year-old student, firing at point-blank range, killed two other students before being captured. The killings at the Brooklyn school were called one of the worst incidents of school violence here in decades. They took place less than an hour before Mayor David N. Dinkins was scheduled to tour the school.
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