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Thousand Oaks Based Amgen

June 17, 2001
A networking group created two years ago to nurture Ventura County's growing biotechnology industry has been foundering and may fold by year's end. VCBio President Tim Osslund, a researcher at Thousand Oaks-based Amgen, said a number of factors have stalled the group's progress. These include the absence of a full-time staff, insufficient membership and lack of consensus on how best to recruit members.
November 8, 2007 | From Times Wire Services
Early results from an ongoing study showed that people with newly diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis were more likely to reach clinical remission with Thousand Oaks-based Amgen Inc.'s Enbrel plus methotrexate than with methotrexate alone. Results from the first year of a two-year study of 542 patients showed that 50% of the patients who received Enbrel plus methotrexate were in remission. That compared with 28% of patients receiving methotrexate alone.
July 7, 1998 | Bloomberg News
Thousand Oaks-based Amgen Inc. is among 15 stocks Salomon Smith Barney Inc. is betting on to be attractive investments in the coming year. The latest edition of Salomon's "Ten+ Exceptional Names," an annually revised portfolio of stocks, is based on the recommendations of the firm's industry analysts. Last year's list gained 31% through the 12 months ended June 30, beating the 28% price gain for the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index over the same period.
March 1, 2006 | From Bloomberg News
An Amgen Inc. drug that spurs the production of bone marrow cells didn't help repair cardiac tissue damaged by heart attacks or hasten patient recovery, a study found. Researchers in Germany used Thousand Oaks-based Amgen's Neupogen in a technique that in previous studies had improved the cardiac function of heart attack patients. The latest study compared patients who received the drug to those who didn't.
May 10, 2006 | From Bloomberg News
Amgen Inc. said the U.S. International Trade Commission would investigate a complaint seeking to block Roche Holding Ltd. of Switzerland from importing a rival anemia drug. Roche's experimental drug Cera, which would compete with Amgen's Aranesp and Epogen medicines, violates six U.S. patents, Thousand Oaks-based Amgen said. Amgen also is suing Roche in U.S. court to block it from introducing Cera. At a hearing in Boston today, Roche will ask a federal judge to throw out that case.
January 11, 1989
Amgen Inc. was handed a split decision in the latest round of its ongoing patent fight with a Japanese company over a new biotechnology drug that fights anemia. Thousand Oaks-based Amgen is trying to become the first company to sell the drug--erythropoietin, or EPO--in the United States.
September 14, 2001 | Bloomberg News
Amgen Inc. said it's delivering its drugs on trucks instead of airplanes because of the disruption in air transport services. U.S. shipments of Thousand Oaks-based Amgen's top-selling Epogen anemia treatment and Neupogen, a treatment to bolster the immune systems of chemotherapy patients, will be sent to wholesalers by truck from company plants in California, Kentucky and Colorado. Wholesalers stock the drugs, so there should be no delay in getting the medicines to patients, the company said.
February 6, 2008 | From Times Wire Services
Amgen Inc. must defend a lawsuit over claims that it misled investors about safety issue with its top-selling anemia drugs, Epogen and Aranesp. A U.S. district judge in Los Angeles denied Amgen's request to dismiss a consolidated shareholders' complaint. Shareholders say Thousand Oaks-based Amgen artificially inflated its stock price from April 2004 to May 2007 by making false statements about the drugs' safety and by marketing them for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
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