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April 13, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Three U-2 spy planes returned to the air to search Colorado's snow-covered mountains for a missing Air Force pilot and his A-10 Thunderbolt warplane. The surveillance planes, which use infrared technology, were taking pictures of a 476-square-mile area near New York and Red and White mountains, about 20 miles southwest of Vail. The Thunderbolt carrying four 500-pound bombs was reported missing April 2 when Capt. Craig Button broke away from a three-plane formation over Arizona.
August 15, 1985
A West German civilian glider collided with a U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt on Tuesday, and the glider pilot bailed out and was hospitalized with injuries, the Air Force said. The pilot of the A-10 was unhurt and landed his plane safely at the British air base at Guetersloh.
July 11, 1999 | Reuters
At least 30 people were injured in a collision between two trains on the Thunderbolt roller coaster at Kennywood Park, park officials said Friday. The accident occurred Thursday night as one train was about to leave the station and another train that had just completed the loop failed to stop, striking the back of the first train.
February 22, 1989 | From Associated Press
A man has died of injuries sustained in the crash of a U.S. Air Force jet in Remscheid in December, bringing the death toll to seven, officials said Tuesday. Truck driver Paul Gerd Kuepper, 47, died in a hospital Feb. 11 from burns, according to authorities in Remscheid, 24 miles northeast of Cologne. Fifty people were injured when an A-10 Thunderbolt II warplane crashed into a residential area Dec. 8.
May 10, 1998 | JANET WISCOMBE, Janet Wiscombe's last piece for the magazine was a profile of talk-show host Laura Schlessinger
While neighbors in Laurel Canyon enjoy patios and pools, Dan Pallotta's backyard view is from the flap of a canvas tepee. The towering wigwam, a retreat and meditation center big enough to house a trio of buffalo, is a fitting hide-out for a Harvard-educated entrepreneur who can talk as easily about Einstein as he can about est and has a special place in his heart for John F. Kennedy--and cowboys and Indians. On this chilly afternoon, however, the sanctuary will remain a mystery.
April 18, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
The Air Force will suspend its search for a missing warplane in the Colorado Rockies in five days if no sign of the A-10 Thunderbolt is found, Lt. Gen. Frank Campbell, commanding officer of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, announced before leaving Eagle, Colo., to return to the Tucson base. Capt. Craig Button took off from Davis-Monthan on a training flight April 2, before veering north and heading for Colorado with four bombs aboard.
April 15, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
A pilot who disappeared with an A-10 Thunderbolt jet almost two weeks ago could have disabled an emergency beacon and secretly bailed out over the Rocky Mountains, Air Force officials said. The possibility that Capt. Craig Button is still alive is lending urgency to the search for him and the $9-million jet. On Monday, ground and air searches focused on five sites in the area of New York Mountain. that contain "irregular shapes that are not normal in nature," said Lt. Gen.
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