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Ticket Brokers

November 11, 2008 | Times Wire Reports
Tickets for President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural events are selling for up to $10,858, even though they haven't been distributed yet and are supposed to be free. Ticket brokers wouldn't say where the tickets were coming from, and the committee in charge of the event emphasized that all 240,000 tickets to the swearing-in are in a locked room and won't be released until Jan. 19 -- the day before the event. They are distributed by members of Congress. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.
Driven by state lottery jackpots skyrocketing past the $100-million mark, a new breed of entrepreneur and con man has emerged across the country, creating ever-expanding gambling networks that are turning state lotteries into national numbers games. They are commonly called out-of-state ticket brokers and for a fee--usually double the normal ticket price--they offer lottery players the opportunity to bet on booming games in almost any state.
Caught in a cross-fire between promoters of rock concerts and independent agents who resell tickets at super-inflated prices, the Senate reversed itself Friday and narrowly approved a heavily lobbied bill to put scalpers in jail or out of business. The bill, supported by rock music impresario Bill Graham, was defeated last week, with 12 votes for and 15 against. But Sen.
June 24, 1998 | From Associated Press
Two-time Cy Young Award-winner Bret Saberhagen is threatening to retire at the end of the season because of a financial dispute with his ex-wife. Saberhagen said that he gets to keep only 13% of his earnings because he has to pay 47% to his ex-wife, 35% to taxes and 5% to his agent. Saberhagen, who will make $1.15 million from the Boston Red Sox this year, said he pays $85,000 a month in spousal and child support for his ex-wife, Janeane, and their three children.
June 10, 2012 | By Scott J. Wilson, Los Angeles Times
Buying tickets online to a concert or sporting event? To avoid problems, pay attention to: • Brokers. Before buying tickets from an independent online broker, check to see whether it's a member of the National Assn. of Ticket Brokers. Members agree to adhere to ethical standards. If you feel you've been cheated by a broker on the group's roster, you can file a complaint through the association. • Pickup requirements. Some online venues sell "paperless" tickets that require the buyer to personally pick up the tickets at the box office.
October 24, 2010 | By Richard Abowitz, Reporting from Las Vegas
Before going on stage, six nights a week, dressed in drag as Joan Rivers, Frank Marino painstakingly applies his own makeup for an hour in his star dressing room. As producer of his own show, Marino keeps a chart on the dressing room wall he checks nightly giving the audience counts. "It is color coded red or green to show if I went up on that day from last week. " Translating the chart, he says, "We currently average about 400 tickets a night. To be honest I would like to get that up to 600. " Marino arrived in Las Vegas as an unknown in 1984 to star as the Joan Rivers impersonator in the drag show "La Cage" at the Riviera.
February 17, 1989 | From Associated Press
Tickets to the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament are bringing more than 20 times the face value for top seats, and ticket brokers say they will go higher yet during the remaining six weeks. Operators like Dave Brusslan of Indianapolis, who has a national ticket brokerage as a sideline to his regular work as a computer consultant, advertises to buy tickets at substantially more than face value, mostly from those selected to buy them at $55 each through a national lottery.
January 15, 1994
I was puzzled as to why the Raiders' playoff game had trouble selling out. Consider this: I telephoned TicketMaster on Tuesday morning (Jan. 4) hoping to purchase at least three tickets (possibly four). Unfortunately, the customer service representative informed me that TicketMaster did not have three tickets available that were together. I was told I could purchase three single tickets, but that they would be located throughout the stadium. I then tried to purchase two tickets together and one close by. I was told TicketMaster didn't have that combination available, either.
August 29, 1985 | JOHN VOLAND, Voland, a recent graduate of the University of Iowa, is a Times intern. and
Ticket handlers and promoters are hardly calling it a backlash, but--surprise!--as of noon Wednesday a fair number of tickets still remained available through Ticketron and Ticketmaster outlets for all four Bruce Springsteen Coliseum shows next month. Brian Murphy of Avalon Attractions, the concerts' promoter, would give no definite number but said "a few thousand seats for each show are still left over." Murphy added the seats remained "because our wristband idea worked too well."
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