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October 16, 2012 | By Paul Sullivan
Detroit Tigers President Dave Dombrowski and Manager Jim Leyland might be the best decision-making tandem in baseball, as evidenced by their deft handling of a sticky situation involving emotional closer Jose Valverde. Few teams bench their veteran closer during the postseason, as the Tigers did with Valverde on Sunday in New York in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series. But not only did Dombrowski and Leyland decide to make the bold move, but they also declined to tap dance around the issue and pretend Valverde simply had a couple of bad moments in the glare of the October spotlight.
July 6, 2000 | From Times Wire Reports
Limping and gasping, 10 royal Bengal tigers--including seven rare white tigers--have died at an Indian zoo despite being injected with antibiotics, officials said. Some tigers lay dead in their concrete enclosures at the Nandankanan Zoo, which holds India's largest collection of royal Bengal tigers and the world's largest collection of white tigers. Veterinarians found that the animals had contracted sleeping sickness, or trypanosomiasis, an illness spread by tsetse flies, said S.K.
August 23, 1989 | From Reuters
Tigers killed seven woodcutters and attacked about 20 other people this month in a mangrove forest in southern Bangladesh, officials said Tuesday. Tigers have killed 70 people so far this year, according to official figures. Villagers said the toll is probably higher because many poachers hunting tigers haven't returned. Poaching has increased despite a 1982 ban on hunting the 600 remaining Bengal tigers and other rare animals.
September 21, 2012 | By Randall Roberts
A series in Sunday Calendar about what Times writers and contributors are listening to right now... Lee Hazlewood was an odd duck. Best known for his production and baritone harmonies with Nancy Sinatrain the 1960s, Hazlewood got his start recording guitarist Duane Eddyin the late 1950s and developed a grand, rich production style that he perfected over the course of a curiously constructed 40-year career. Hazlewood, who died in 2007, spent much of the latter half of his life in Sweden, where he continued to consistently work far removed from the gaze of his longtime L.A. home.
October 6, 2012 | By Mike DiGiovanna
Game 1: Saturday, 3 p.m., TBS Oakland (RHP Jarrod Parker 13-8, 3.47) at Detroit (RHP Justin Verlander 17-8, 2.64) Game 2: Sunday, 9 a.m., MLB Network Oakland (LHP Tommy Milone (13-10, 3.74)) at Detroit (RHP Doug Fister 10-10, 3.45) Game 3: Tuesday, 6 p.m., TBS Detroit (RHP Anibal Sanchez 4-6, 3.74) at Oakland (RHP Brett Anderson 4-2, 2.57) Game 4: Wednesday, TBA * Detroit (RHP Max Scherzer 16-7, 3.74) at Oakland (RHP A.J. Griffin (7-1, 3.06)
August 24, 1991 | DAN HAFNER
Although it seemed as though runners were constantly crossing the plate Friday night at Detroit, the Tigers and Seattle Mariners fell short of the record for leaving runners stranded. In the 8-6 victory that left the Tigers one game out of first place in the American League East, the teams left 29 runners on base, 15 by the Mariners. The record is 30 and, if you count 1893, it has been done four times.
A rare white Siberian tiger cub valued at $45,000 was at the San Diego Zoo on Thursday after being confiscated by a U. S. Customs Service agent who found it playing in the back seat of a car headed for Mexico. "She's really darling," said zoo spokesman Jeff Jouett. The cub is healthy, weighs about 15 pounds and is 16 to 18 weeks old, Jouett said. It has blue eyes and brown stripes.
December 13, 1994 | ALAN ABRAHAMSON
Mama tiger, papa tiger and the two cubs rescued from an Irish farm seemed Monday to be adjusting well to their new home at the Wildlife Waystation animal refuge, director Martine Colette said. The 8-year-old female, who had been separated from the 6-week-old cubs for the weekend while flying to Los Angeles from Europe, readily accepted them back late Sunday night, Colette said.
February 18, 1992 | From Associated Press
Animal rights activists were decrying the shooting death of a Sumatran tiger by rangers at the San Diego Wild Animal Park after the animal escaped from its enclosure during a weekend rainstorm. Two rangers, one armed with a .243-caliber rifle and the other with a .458-caliber rifle, shot the male tiger when he ran from underbrush adjacent to the perimeter fence Saturday. The animal sustained two bullet wounds, including one to the head, spokesman Tom Hanscom said.
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