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June 28, 1993
On June 1, Times music critic Martin Bernheimer reviewed the Music Center Opera's presentation of "Lucia di Lammermoor," calling it "a regular laff riot" and setting off a Counterpunch debate. The opera's director, Andrei Serban, adds his unexpected thoughts in an open letter to Bernheimer from Bucharest. Dear Mr. Bernheimer, Knowing from past experiences that answering back to a critic is as useless as pouring water from the empty into the void, after your "coup fatal" I thought you might be pleasantly, if not strangely, surprised to receive from me a fan letter.
July 14, 2002 | CHRIS PASLES
In the middle of an interview, Yasuo Shinozaki hands over typed notes about his programming choices for an upcoming concert at the Hollywood Bowl. When the Los Angeles Philharmonic's assistant conductor talks music, he turns thoughtful and then locks eyes with his listener. When he conducts, the critics say, he minds order and shape. All of which make one thing clear: For Shinozaki, music is in the details.
October 12, 2013 | By Robert Hilburn
Johnny Cash's life in the 1960s is mostly remembered as a time of glorious achievement - from the landmark prison albums at Folsom and San Quentin to the launch of the ABC-TV series featuring such guests as Bob Dylan and the Doors that led to his becoming a giant figure in popular culture, a symbol to millions, no less, of the best of American social values. But Cash also experienced excruciatingly dark times in the decade, fueled by drugs and guilt over the breakup of his marriage.
July 13, 2000
Stacking Up Sales
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