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July 2, 2010 | By Laura Myers
Landon Donovan is tired. While his Galaxy teammates had a three-week break, Donovan was scoring three goals for the U.S. national team at the World Cup. Then, while the rest of that team returned home, Donovan stopped in New York City to make five television appearances in two days. Now, the Galaxy's star forward has little time to prepare for Sunday's home game against Seattle, in which he hopes to play despite a strained hamstring and barely any practice after returning to Los Angeles on Thursday.
May 25, 1996
There are only two reasons why God took Chet Forte: He needed a shooting guard or St. Peter got tired of listening to Howard Cosell. MARK BERGLAS Irvine
June 14, 1987
What are you trying to tell us: why rock isn't fun anymore? I'll tell you what's a sin: The way good, new bands are having their excitement bled off and held captive somehow. As the neo-fascist groove thang's big, big beat boom booms over us all, ego is everything: Prince's ego, Michael Jackson's ego, Springsteen's ego, Madonna's ego. I'm tired of hearing about lists. I'm tired of hearing about how separate religion and rock once were. I'm tired of hearing about Prince's latest, invariably white, discovery.
October 16, 1988
We're all tired of Bill Cosby here ("The $600-Millon Man," Sunday Calendar, Oct. 2). Enough already with this guy. The Chryslers, Brentwood
October 12, 1986
It's a shame that the very talented writer Steven Bochco feels he must spice up every scene with incessant sexual innuendoes. "Hill Street Blues," "L.A. Law." Different settings, same tired results. Joyce and Ray Martin, Burbank
August 2, 1992
I am sick and tired of the noise and stink produced by the internal combustion engine. Bring on the electric cars, please--soon! KAREN A. BAKER Santa Monica
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