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December 8, 1985
The title was "Kane & Abel," but this was Abel, Abel and more Abel with a little Kane thrown in. I got so tired of it. This was not fair to the brilliant Sam Neill! One wasn't Abel to see much of Kane. Dolores Hurt, North Hollywood
October 7, 1990
I am sick and tired of the language on TV. Little by little they are adding more each season. What happened to good, clean shows like in the '60s and '70s? I don't go for the answer that it needs to keep the shows realistic. Baloney! Pat Baker, Los Angeles
September 29, 1985
I have never seen anything so tasteless in my life. "Lady Blue" is a disgrace to all law enforcement. The show is full of one mindless act after another. To top it all off, the leading lady, Jamie Rose, has no business acting. I'm sick and tired of the "tough girl" attitude thrown into roles only men can play. Craig Knapp, Northridge
October 5, 1985
Howe much is enough? I feel sorry for the guy, but if he was just Joe Blow on the streets, he'd be doing time. Anyway, I'm tired of hearing about it. KELVIN D. FILER Compton
April 24, 1988
My husband and I wanted to thank CBS for bringing the Smothers Brothers back to TV. It is so nice to have such a fun hour to watch on Wednesday nights. I am tired of all the crime shows these days, and I look forward to the Smothers on Wednesdays. Valerie Minoux, Laguna Hills
December 10, 1995
In response to Simi Valley Mayor Greg Stratton, who thinks that libraries will be phased out in 10 or 20 years and become museums, I would like to forecast that people will instead get up stiff and tired from sitting in front of their computers and will take an important biography, a fine novel or an authoritative book on some subject they are interested in from the library, sit in a comfortable chair with feet up or take such a book on a trip or...
October 27, 2001
I am a tired Trojan fan. I'm tired of the dropped balls, holding calls and missed assignments. I'm tired of moral victories. I'm tired of my quarterback fumbling the ball away in the fourth quarter. I'm tired of my coaches passing blame on to the players. I'm tired of not being able to score from the one-yard line. I'm tired of crossing my fingers when I see our kicker stretching on the sidelines. Most of all, though, I'm tired of the bad decisions made by those in charge that have dogged this program for the past decade.
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