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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. for more than four years has been quietly replacing thousands of failed tires fitted on vans, light trucks and sport-utility vehicles and writing checks to customers, but only for those who complain, according to tire dealers and consumers.
July 22, 2006 | From the Associated Press
Six years after dozens of motorists were killed in rollovers linked to defective tires, the manufacturer said it would again contact owners to try to bring in the remaining 200,000 tires that may still be on the road. Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, the Nashville-based subsidiary of Japan's Bridgestone Corp., said it would ask registered owners of Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer and Mazda Navajo sport utility vehicles to check for the recalled tires.
August 1, 2007 | From Times Wire Services
The Commerce Department said it would investigate charges that Chinese off-road tire producers were selling their products in the U.S. market at below fair market prices. The department said it would also investigate whether government subsidies allowed Chinese producers to sell the off-road tires at an unfair discount.
June 26, 2001 | Bloomberg News
Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. plans to complete the recall of 6.5 million tires Aug. 29, a move Ford Motor Co. called premature because U.S. regulators are still investigating the recall. The unit of Japan's Bridgestone Corp. said it has replaced 6.3 million, or 97%, of the tires included in the recall announced Aug. 9.
June 17, 2003 | From Associated Press
U.S. regulators Monday denied a petition by a California man to reopen an investigation of Bridgestone Corp.'s Firestone Steeltex tires, saying there is no reason to reverse a 2002 finding of no defect, despite evidence that tread separation has caused 13 deaths. At issue are 39 million Steeltex Radial R4S, R4S II and A/T tires made since 1990. The tires generally are used on motor homes, commercial trucks, passenger vans and light trucks.
March 8, 1995 | FRANK MANNING
The city of Calabasas' tire recycling efforts have reached a point where the rubber meets the road--in a manner of speaking. The city has applied for a $13,750 state grant to cover the cost of converting 16,800 tires stored at the Calabasas Landfill into rubberized asphalt for use on local streets. The money would go toward transporting the tires to a facility in Fontana, where they would be ground up and turned into asphalt, said Calabasas City Manager Charles Cate.
July 28, 2001 | Associated Press
A federal judge in Indianapolis has refused to issue an emergency injunction against Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. that would have expanded the company's tire recall by millions. U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker, who is presiding over the consolidation of 200 cases filed by motorists against the tire maker and Ford Motor Co., also ruled against a recall of certain Ford Explorers equipped with Bridgestone/Firestone tires.
October 20, 2000 | Reuters
Twenty-eight Mexicans have died in car crashes blamed on the failure of Firestone tires fitted to sport-utility vehicles and light trucks, lawyers for victims' families said. Rafael Alday, of the firm Servicios Legales Internacionales, said the defective tires had been linked to 30 accidents in Mexico in which another 32 people had been seriously hurt.
September 16, 2004 | From Reuters
U.S. auto regulators proposed a long-awaited monitoring system that would warn motorists when automobile tires are dangerously underinflated, officials said. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that its plan will cost the industry $800 million to $1.1 billion to phase in the technology on all new vehicles from 2005 to 2007. The industry estimate is higher.
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