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October 11, 2006 | From City News Service
Production at the mid-Wilshire-area house that TV's "Dr. Phil" had rigged with cameras to observe clients featured on his show has been shut down because of complaints from neighbors, it was reported Tuesday. The idea behind the setup was to give the popular psychologist an around-the-clock window on the lives of his clients. But next-door neighbor Tom Griep said "two crack addicts were yelling at each other for all to hear," according to the website
December 13, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Track Palin, Sarah Palin's oldest child, has reportedly filed jointly for divorce from high-school sweetheart Britta Hanson, whom he married in May 2011. The joint filing means the two have already worked out the details of the split, according to TMZ , which first reported the news. That includes child support and custody - important stuff, as Track, 23, and Britta, 22, welcomed baby Kyla Grace in August 2011. Also hashed out: disposition of property, with Army reservist Track keeping his guns and his tools, plus some $30,000 cash, while Britta keeps her jewelry and her bank account, TMZ said . Papers were filed Dec. 1, E!
October 9, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Aww. Hulk Hogan was so adorable on the "Today" show Tuesday, we kind of feel bad for watching that excerpt of his sex tape. 'Cause the dude's super bummed it was released. Bummed in a big, cuddly, former-wrestler-who's-gonna-tear-apart-whoever-did-it way. Turns out the tape, which surfaced in March and went public - at least a part of it - last week, was made six years ago at a time when Hogan said he was at a "very, very low point" in his life. He said he didn't know there was a camera in the room and that he's working with authorities to track down the person or people who made and released the tape.
July 19, 2013 | By Scott Collins
The entertainment world hasn't thought much about Rae Dawn Chong lately, but now she's become the latest celebrity trying to backpedal away from an N-word controversy. In a radio interview, Chong -- a veteran of 1980s movie hits like "Commando" and the daughter of comic Tommy Chong -- launched a tirade against Oprah Winfrey, her costar in 1985's "The Color Purple. " Chong -- whose ethnic makeup includes Afro-Canadian and Cherokee roots -- attacked Winfrey for everything from being too fat to too black.  PHOTOS: Celebrities by The Times "Sixty years ago she would have been a housekeeper, luckily," she said on "Matty P's Radio Happy Hour.
February 28, 2014 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Robin Thicke isn't quite ready to give up on Paula Patton, if his recent actions are any indication. The singer, whose separation from his actress wife became public with a joint announcement Monday, expressed his intentions to the crowd at his Thursday concert in Fairfax, Va. "For y'all that don't know, me and my wife separated, but I'm trying to get my girl back," he said on stage . "She's a good woman. " Previously, caught on video at Washington, D.C.'s Dulles International Airport, he told a TMZ cameraman that he was "just trying to get her back, man. " All that's in line with reports that it was Patton, not Thicke, who drew the line when it came to initiating their split.
December 11, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's third ex-wife and the mother of his twins, has returned to rehab for what's reportedly the 19th time.  The Ministry admittedly hasn't been keeping track, so that number comes courtesy of TMZ, which apparently has been. She checked in Monday night. "Brooke was uncomfortable with the way Adderall was making her behave," her attorney Yale Galanter told the website . Galanter told E! News that the stint would be for ongoing treatment of prolonged addiction issues.
May 22, 2013 | By Nardine Saad
Justin Bieber may sue guests who visit his home if they violate his non-disclosure agreement. It's all so very hospitable. The 19-year-old pop star is asking for $5 million in damages if guests violate a waiver he's having everyone who visits his Calabasas home sign, according to TMZ, which obtained a copy of the liability waiver and release form. So, basically, don't talk about the property or anything that goes on there ... ever. Before you jump on the "Bieber is an egomaniac" bandwagon, just know that documents like this are fairly common among celebrities.
August 13, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
So much for "Forever in Love," Kenny G. Twenty years after that tune came out - and also 20 years after Kenneth Bruce Gorelick and Balynda Benson-Gorelick said "I do" - the smooth-jazz man has filed for divorce. The papers, filed Thursday and obtained by TMZ, cite irreconcilable differences and indicate he's seeking joint custody of their 14-year-old son, Noah. Kenny didn't exactly strike first. Balynda filed for legal separation back in January, according to E! News, a move that's reflected in the paperwork.
August 17, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Joey Kovar, the "Real World: Hollywood" cast member who went to rehab in this middle of the reality show's cycle in 2008, was reportedly found dead Friday morning at a friend's home in the Chicago area. The 29-year-old bodybuilder and aspiring actor was found with blood coming from his nose and ears and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to TMZ , which first reported the news. Family members suspect drugs were involved, the website said. Kovar, who appeared on the third "Celebrity Rehab" season in 2010, discussed his feelings about cocaine in his exit interview withDr.
December 4, 2012 | By Chuck Schilken
Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Nick Lachey seems like such a nice guy. But he is also a die-hard Cincinnati Bengals fan, so he might have built up a lot of frustration over the years. And he might be a bit sensitive about his former boy band. The ex-98 Degrees singer was thrown out of the Bengals-Chargers game in San Diego on Sunday after what was at the very least an altercation with another, unidentified fan. Lachey first reported the incident on Twitter: "Just got kicked out of the chargers stadium and couldn't be prouder!
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