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Tom Sizemore

It's the third take of a crucial scene in "Witness Protection," a new HBO film to be shownSaturday, and actor Tom Sizemore is breathing hard, hopping from foot to foot, shiny drops of sweat collecting on his face. "We can make this more intense," he says. "We can jack up the intensity here." In the scene, Sizemore plays a Boston loan shark who has ratted out his Mafia bosses and enrolled his family in the federal witness protection program.
July 13, 2005 | Robert W. Welkos, Times Staff Writer
A judge signed an arrest warrant for actor Tom Sizemore on Tuesday after the costar of "Saving Private Ryan" and "Black Hawk Down" failed to appear at a probation violation hearing because he had checked into a live-in drug rehabilitation program. But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge T.K. Herman held off issuing the warrant to allow Sizemore to return to court July 22, when the judge who has been overseeing Sizemore's case is scheduled to return to the bench. Deputy Dist. Atty.
August 17, 2007 | Lael Loewenstein, Special to The Times
Gangland violence shreds a community and shatters a family in "Splinter," the feature debut of Michael D. Olmos. Despite some imaginative elements and a knockout performance by Tom Sizemore, "Splinter" feels very much like a first effort. With its recycled themes and muddled storyline generating a cascade of unanswered questions, the film is more about style than substance. One of its stylistic triumphs, however, is an opening title sequence that in itself almost makes the film worth watching.
October 23, 2005 | Dan Neil
I wouldn't presume to advise beautiful and wealthy celebrities how to get along in life, and yet I think someone--some agent or manager or kabbalah rabbi--ought to lay down the law: No video cameras in the bedroom. As of this writing, Britney Spears and swain Kevin Federline are being threatened with the release of yet another celebrity sex tape, this one purportedly made while Britney was pregnant. Oh dear. There's only one proper reaction to this news: nostalgia.
January 7, 2007 | Robert W. Welkos, Times Staff Writer
IN this era of celebrity meltdowns, Tom Sizemore could arguably be the poster boy for actors spinning out of control. The burly character actor, who once worked with such A-list directors as Steven Spielberg on "Saving Private Ryan" and Michael Mann on CBS' 2002-03 cop drama "Robbery Homicide Division," fell into a life of drugs, wild sexcapades and run-ins with the law.
March 25, 2005 | Robert W. Welkos, Times Staff Writer
In a day of high theatrics in Los Angeles County Superior Court, actor Tom Sizemore showed that he could range from tragedy to jubilation in minutes as a judge Thursday handed him a 21-month sentence for repeatedly failing drug tests while on probation for beating his one-time girlfriend, former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.
September 16, 2005 | Robert W. Welkos, Times Staff Writer
Actor Tom Sizemore's life over the last three turbulent years has played out like a bad B-movie: convicted batterer of his ex-girlfriend, "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss; repeat drug offender; and even star of his own sex video on the Internet.
October 22, 2005 | Robert W. Welkos, Times Staff Writer
A judge has given the Los Angeles city attorney's office 30 days to show why actor Tom Sizemore's conviction two years ago for battering his former girlfriend, the onetime Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, should not be tossed out, his lawyers said Friday. Sizemore has argued that a photograph of Fleiss with facial bruises that helped convict him of battery may have been fabricated.
December 10, 2002 | Richard Winton, Times Staff Writer
Actor Tom Sizemore, who plays a police lieutenant in the CBS series "Robbery Homicide Division," was arrested by Los Angeles police after a woman alleged that he hit and threatened her, officials said Monday. Sizemore, 41, was taken into custody Saturday at his home in the 2700 block of Hudson Place in West Los Angeles after the woman, with whom police said he had a "dating relationship," alleged that he "hit her in the face and threw her to the ground" that morning, said LAPD Lt. Horace Frank.
August 16, 2003 | Akilah Johnson, Times Staff Writer
Actor Tom Sizemore was convicted Friday of seven charges of abusing his girlfriend, former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss. The 41-year-old television and movie star faces up to four years in jail. Sizemore was acquitted of nine other misdemeanor charges by jurors who heard Fleiss weep repeatedly when she testified that Sizemore committed vandalism, threatened her, struck her and harassed her by phone.
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