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Tommy Lasorda

June 30, 1985 | Dick Roraback, Roraback is a Times staff writer.
Never mind the best-seller lists. The acid test is this: Can a lifelong Giant fan find happiness in the autobiography of Tommy Lasorda? Lasorda, a man of Gargantuan excesses, loves everybody and everyone, with the pungent exception of the Giants. A unique opportunity, then, to skewer the man with his own words: Lasorda is loud, vulgar, fat, brash, pugnacious--and absolutely irresistible.
February 26, 1987 | DANIEL P. PUZO, Times Staff Writer
Looking well-fed and rejuvenated, Tommy Lasorda clapped his hands a couple of times and then yelled out with encouragement, "Remember guys--just work hard and get the job done." It was the home opener of sorts for the Dodger manager. And the audience of smartly uniformed men responded with appropriate game-day nods of appreciation. As is frequently the case whenever Lasorda is in public, a crowd begins to gather to watch the antics of one of baseball's most familiar personalities.
October 3, 1985 | DANIEL P. PUZO, Times Staff Writer
If Tommy Lasorda ever carries through with his threat of writing a book on buffets, or just dining in general, the list of acknowledgements may prove to be the largest chapter. Lasorda has favorite restaurants everywhere and food anecdotes to match. But his premier eating destination is Los Angeles and he's effusive in praise of those places that deliver food to the team. One of the group is Paul's Kitchen, which has named an entire Chinese meal after the Dodger manager.
A bench coach? When the Dodgers won the 1981 World Series championship, Tommy Lasorda had a bench full of coaches. "Players were managing right along with Tommy on the bench," Jerry Reuss said Thursday. "They looked down at some move he was doing and [would] say, 'What's he doing now?' "I was second-guessing just like everyone else." Little wonder, then, that those Dodgers bred future managers like few other teams in major league history.
April 10, 2012 | By Jon Thurber, Los Angeles Times
At the outset, let it be noted that this book is for the faithful, those who bleed blue, who stay at the game until the last out (whatever the inning) and who don't think the day is complete at home until Uncle Vinny signs off with a cheery "good-night everybody. " "Dodgers From Coast to Coast: The Official Visual History of the Dodgers" is not an all-encompassing history, however, and the tone is far from objective. It has some wonderful bits of history and some glaring omissions.
August 10, 1996
I never realized what a great manager Tommy Lasorda was until Bill Russell ran the team . . . into the ground. MIKE BALIKIAN Northridge Tommy Lasorda in the Hall of Fame? Give me a break. This guy deserves to be in the Hall of Fame as much as Pete Rose doesn't. J.M. FEVER Reseda
September 30, 1989
As the 1989 baseball regular season comes to a close, one thing has become abundantly clear--the only Dodger who was "hungry" this year was Tommy Lasorda. LOUIS LOPEZ Baldwin Park
July 23, 1994
There seem to be two schools of thought about Tommy Lasorda: those who think he should stop managing the Dodgers and those who think he should start. D.M. CATES Ventura
April 10, 2012
Dodgers From Coast to Coast The Official Visual History of the Dodgers Introduction by Vin Scully, Foreword by Tommy Lasorda Skybox Press/Abrams: 256 pp., $40
July 14, 2001
Tommy Lasorda can always brag that at 73, he got a hit in the 2001 All-Star game. Bill Stein Arroyo Grande, Calif.
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