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Traffic Accidents Mississippi

March 28, 1987 | Associated Press
More than 3,000 students crowded into the University of Mississippi basketball arena Friday for a memorial service for five sorority sisters who were killed when a truck hit a car and sent it hurtling into their charity walkathon. Two students died at the side of a state highway Thursday afternoon, a third died at a Memphis, Tenn., hospital Thursday night and two more died Friday, officials said. Eleven other girls were injured.
March 27, 1987 | Associated Press
A truck slammed into a car trailing a group of University of Mississippi sorority sisters taking part in a charity walkathon Thursday, killing three students and injuring 13, authorities said. A one-ton truck hauling a hay baler crashed into the car behind the walkers, pushing it into the crowd, said university spokesman Ed Meek. "The (car) flipped and went on top of the walkers," he said, adding that two students were dead at the scene.
January 15, 1987 | Associated Press
A woman who forgot that she had placed her 2-month-old son atop her car drove off with the infant still on the roof, and the boy fell off and suffered a broken collarbone, police said. Robert Anthony Tucker, who was strapped in a car seat during the incident Tuesday, was reported in stable condition at Memorial Hospital. Dorthea Tucker told police that she and her mother had placed the baby on top of the car while putting a little girl inside.
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