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October 24, 2013 | By Joseph Serna
A big rig crossed the median and hit oncoming cars on the 5 Freeway in Orange County on Thursday afternoon, backing up southbound traffic for miles. The big rig was traveling north when it crossed over the center divider at Camino de Estrella in Dana Point and smashed into five or six oncoming vehicles. As many as eight people have been taken to the hospital, said California Highway Patrol officer Denise Quesada. Southbound traffic was completely stopped for about 30 minutes before authorities opened up one lane at about 1:30 p.m. Traffic was backed up for miles to the El Toro Y. “It's huge.
November 21, 2013 | By Kate Linthicum and Joseph Serna
The rainstorm that snarled traffic for Thursday morning commuters is expected to stick around the Los Angeles area until Friday. The National Weather Service said a cold front moving across the region will bring high winds, more rain and even snow at higher elevations. The storm had already dumped as much as three-quarters of an inch of rain in parts of Los Angeles as of Thursday morning, according to Stuart Seto, a meteorologist for the weather service. Possible thunderstorms in the afternoon could bring more rain, he added.
August 19, 1987 | Associated Press
Morning rush-hour traffic was backed up for three miles Tuesday when roofing nails spilled on the road punctured tires on 12 vehicles.
June 14, 1989 | From Reuters
Almost all Indian truck drivers are unaware of basic traffic rules and cause most of the country's 40,000 annual road deaths, a government survey showed Tuesday.
October 7, 2006
A number of events and resulting street closures in Los Angeles are expected to tangle today's traffic. Some of the event sites. Sources: L.A. Department of Transportation, Times reporting
October 23, 1986
A $500,000 project to upgrade many of the city's traffic signals is scheduled to start next month. Signals at 14 of the city's 32 intersections will be upgraded to improve automobile and pedestrian traffic flow, said Patrick West, deputy city manager. Computerized signal controllers and traffic sensors will be installed at each intersection. The project also includes new pedestrian signals, which will be activated by push buttons.
June 3, 2004
Re "CHP May Get to Hire 270 Officers," June 1: I am glad to read that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to fill some or all of the vacant California Highway Patrol positions, perhaps hiring as many as 270 officers. I have a better idea: Hire even more and put them out on our freeways writing citations to all drivers who flagrantly disregard our traffic laws by speeding, tailgating and weaving through traffic lanes. Not only would this make our highways safer and reduce gasoline consumption (as average speed is reduced)
December 11, 2007 | Gregory W. Griggs
Organizers of an anti-traffic initiative in Thousand Oaks aimed at blocking big-box retailers and other development Monday submitted the voter signatures necessary to qualify the measure as a special election item on the June ballot. Backers of the proposed initiative collected more than 15,500 signatures. To qualify the measure for the June ballot, about 10,300 of the signatures must be verified.
July 9, 1995
With the proposed Orchard Supply Hardware in Thousand Oaks, we have another situation where development comes before the quality of the neighborhood. The plan to re-stripe the parking lot and eliminate the landscaped median strip on Avenida de Los Arboles is not in keeping with the appearance of the area. This is being proposed by Orchard solely so it can get more vehicles into the area and into the center. Traffic and noise have to be the primary consideration for this already crowded traffic intersection.
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