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August 14, 1988
Your story is headed: "An Operatic Decline." I call it "A Journalistic Decline"--a respected newspaper stooping to the level of a scurrilous scandal sheet. Sir Rudolf's illness and mental decline are a personal tragedy, but there is nothing "ignoble" about it. This is not investigative reporting, of which The Times has given us many brilliant and beneficial examples, but snooping of the lowest kind. Ignoble, indeed! THEODORE FRONT Los Angeles
October 4, 1992
Another driving accident tragedy has occurred due to a church van not being fitted with seat belts. Why is it (that) in this day and age seat belts still are not required in vehicles used to transport more than 10 people, and thus considered a bus? In the recent bus crash involving the California Angels, because of the lack of seat belts, many severe injuries occurred, and it was fortunate no fatalities resulted. One has to wonder what it will take to get our legislators to impose seat-belt regulations in all vehicles, including buses.
March 4, 1989
My heart goes out to the Al Geiberger family. There is no explaining away the death of a 2-year-old child by drowning. But, if anything can come from such a tragedy, it would be to shock all parents of toddlers into action. As a professional swimming instructor, I have taught dozens of 2-year-olds (and younger) how to swim. They are fully capable of saving themselves, and they actually enjoy the water. There are learn-to-swim programs available everywhere, I urge all parents to make their children water safe now. BOB HIRSCHHORN Long Beach
February 2, 1986
If this nation learns nothing else from the tragedy of the ill-fated Challenger, let us unite in our opposition to President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative. What we saw on television clearly demonstrated that no system is foolproof. Perhaps a case can be made for risking seven lives in the name of space exploration, but certainly there is no way to justify jeopardizing the life of the planet to serve the ends of a small group of politicians, militarists and businessmen. TERRY WOLVERTON Los Angeles
August 22, 1993
The death of Sherri Foreman at a Great Western Bank automated teller machine on March 30 was indeed a tragedy. However, the scenario described in your article of Aug. 5 ("Parents of Slain Woman Praise Wall Removal") outlines a greater societal tragedy. The article describes how the deceased woman's parents have retained a lawyer who has filed a lawsuit that names at least four defendants, none of whom participated in the stabbing of the victim. Not only can we assume that the defendants have financial resources, but you can be certain that they are all insured for such events.
June 23, 1991
Jim Landis seems to be one of those who felt tragedy could not strike their family. Although a tragedy was averted, it seems that pool owners do not jump on the safety bandwagon until a life-threatening situation happens to a member of their family. Pool safety--enclosed fencing around all pools--has been preached for years, especially at the beginning of the summer season when most accidental drownings occur. Toddlers and small children move fast, much faster than we, the responsible adults, give them credit for. We have heard over and over again that they should never be left alone or not carefully watched when near a pool, not for a phone call or even to fetch a broom from a nearby garage.
February 1, 1986
After watching the space shuttle tragedy, things such as the Super Bowl, which receive far too much media coverage, just don't seem to matter much, at all. SCOTT BLEK El Centro
January 29, 1989
In the wake of the Stockton schoolyard tragedy (not to mention the senseless massacres before it), where innocent little children were murdered, I would like to make at least one thing perfectly clear: Any politician who even remotely supports the NRA or does nothing about gun control will not get a vote from me--and I know I do not stand alone. Enough is enough. LUCY M. CONKLIN Irvine
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