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September 20, 2008 | PATRICK GOLDSTEIN
IN THE last couple of years, whenever I've asked studio marketing chiefs to send me trailers to show to my Summer Movie Posse (a group of teenagers who rate the summer flicks after watching their trailers), the smart marketers now say: Can we send you our red-band trailer? Always the last ones on the block to figure out the amazing viral energy of the Internet, studio marketers have finally realized that there's a huge Web audience for red-band trailers -- i.e. trailers that offer unrestricted content, meaning all the gore, drug references, bare breasts and foul language that have to be edited out of the typical trailers shown in theaters or cut down for 30-second TV spots.
October 25, 1994 | LESLIE BERGER
Two large trucks filled with the furniture and personal belongings of three families were stolen from the yard of an Arleta moving and storage company in the second such cargo theft in the San Fernando Valley this month, Los Angeles police said Monday. An estimated $200,000 worth of home furnishings were driven off the lot of L.A. Move and Storage, in the 9200 block of Branford Street, early Thursday morning, said Detective Marc Zavala of the LAPD's burglary-auto theft division.
September 25, 1991 | SHANNON SANDS
A preschool operator presented city officials with a petition Monday asking for permission to keep a trailer in the alley behind the preschool on Seal Beach Boulevard. Seretta Fielding presented the City Council with 45 signatures from parents of her preschoolers requesting a reprieve for the trailer, which she parked in the alley six years ago as a temporary way to cope with high winds and provide privacy. The council decided in July that Fielding must move the trailer to comply with codes.
March 13, 1992
A 60-year-old Mission Viejo man was crushed to death Thursday beneath a recreational trailer that he was trying to hook up to his pickup truck, authorities said. The man, identified as Stanley Van Dyke, was pronounced dead at the scene. His wife, who was not identified, found her husband when she went to check on him after he failed to return home from the garage where the trailer was stored, said Sgt. Ray Karr of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.
July 24, 2009 | TIMES WIRE REPORTS
The Federal Emergency Management Agency took too long to respond to reports of dangerous levels of formaldehyde in trailers delivered to victims of 2005 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, exposing people along the Gulf Coast to possible health risks, the Homeland Security Department inspector general reported. The report marked a stinging reprimand of FEMA and its slow response to reports in 2006 that air in some trailers registered dangerously high levels of formaldehyde, which can cause cancer and respiratory illness.
July 26, 1985 | Roxana Kopetman
To help the tenants of a shopping center that was gutted by fire July 11, city officials Thursday placed the first of what they said would be several temporary trailers to house the shopping center's businesses. Calling the portables "a positive note to an otherwise unfortunate situation," Hank Cunningham, Santa Ana business industrial development manager, said the city is "doing everything possible to assist property owners and tenants."
Enrique Chavez is an unemployed mechanic trying to make ends meet for his pregnant wife and two sons. Under normal circumstances, Chavez said, he and his family would be living in a van on a city street. But thanks to a 3 1/2-year-old shelter program for poor families, the Chavez family lives in a furnished, lighted, three-bedroom trailer at the San Fernando Gardens housing project in Pacoima. The rent: $100 a month. It's not the American Dream, but the trailer is a safety net from the abyss.
June 28, 1992 | Andy Marx
According to sources, Warner Bros. and executive producer Oliver Stone are eager for the Rev. Jesse Jackson to narrate the theatrical trailers for the upcoming film "South Central," which the studio has acquired for distribution. Described as "violent but uplifting," the film, which will be released this fall, is the story of a black man's struggle to keep his son out of gang life in South-Central Los Angeles.
August 12, 1990
Re "A Deadly Collision" (Aug. 1): Another precious life is crushed by a tractor-trailer, this time in Orange. Every day in the news we hear of an overturned truck, a diesel spill, jackknife or burning semi. A motorist colliding with a big rig (which can weigh up to 80,000 pounds) doesn't have a chance. Fatal crashes due to trucks continue to be much more frequent than that of passenger cars when mileage is taken into account. The expansion and development of Orange County creates an alarming problem which concerns everyone.
July 25, 1991 | SHANNON SANDS
After a long debate, the City Council told a preschool owner that the truck trailer she has been using to block the wind must be removed. Seretta Fielding said she parked the trailer at the back of her Seal Beach Boulevard property six years ago as a temporary way to cope with high winds. Fielding is also using the trailer to provide privacy for the preschool, which backs onto an alley.
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