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March 26, 1990 | From staff and wire reports
USC scientists have found that a new drug called flumazenil can effectively reverse the effects of an overdose of Valium, Librium and related tranquilizers. Flumazenil also reverses the effect of the drugs when they are used as an anesthetic in surgery. "Surgery patients were totally awake within minutes of receiving (it)," said anesthesiologist Stephen Steen. "You wouldn't know they had had anesthesia."
March 7, 2014 | By Chuck Graham
My wife and I were in need of a bit of tranquillity in October, so we headed to the Mendocino Coast in Northern California for a weekend of standup paddle boarding. The coast's rugged beauty, flat-water rivers and scenic headlands honeycombed with sea caves and archways make it ideal for paddling on your own or on a guided tour with Standup Paddle Mendocino (Van Damme Beach State Park, Little River, Calif.; [707] 937-0700, . Guided tours $60 to $75)
March 28, 1995
Re: The recent death of the male mountain lion on Guiberson Road in Fillmore. I feel this should have been handled in a positive manner instead of using two trackers armed with guns and their dogs with one thought: to kill. Why weren't they armed with tranquilizers, so the big cat could be relocated? These cats are part of our earth balance. DONNA LeBLANC Ventura
October 30, 2013 | By Jason Wells
The 150-pound black bear that evaded police in Granada Hills for roughly 12 hours Tuesday before its capture was able to do so despite being hit with four tranquilizer darts, a state wildlife official said. The bear, which scurried from a school, across several yards and into a golf course Tuesday morning, was under brief observation before being released deep into Los Padres National Forest on Wednesday, said Andrew Hughan, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
January 20, 1985 | Associated Press
After years of decline, the number of prescription drugs used by Americans has begun to rise again as the nation's population grows older, according to a study by the Food and Drug Administration. The study, detailed in Friday's Journal of the American Medical Assn., found that Americans spent about $17.5 billion on prescription drugs in 1982. Consumers paid $14.5 billion for prescription drugs at pharmacies, up 11.7% from the previous year, while hospitals spent $3 billion, a 19% increase.
May 15, 1989 | LYNNE HEFFLEY
Drug-related tragedies are everyday media fare, but somehow the message isn't getting through. For a down-to-earth basic guide to keeping kids out of the drug and alcohol loop, tune in at 10 tonight to HBO's "How to Raise a Drug-Free Child." Disregard the portentous score. The value in this no-nonsense half-hour, hosted straightforwardly by Mary Tyler Moore, is its clarity. The first part of the program shows who the young victims are--there are no class boundaries--and how, when, where and why they start using drugs and alcohol.
September 28, 1997 | A. GREY LE CUYER
In Old Hong Kong, members of Triads, organized crime groups would take their disputes to a neutral place, typically a Chinese teahouse. There, the serene atmosphere and formality allowed dissenting parties to reach a mutual agreement. Everyone then shook hands and departed in peace. This method, no longer used in modern Hong Kong, is unlikely to replace the judicial system in litigious-happy L.A.
December 26, 2007
This has rarely been a tranquil nation. Born in revolution, tested by civil war, energized by protest, the United States has survived turmoil even as it has pursued its constitutional mandate to ensure tranquillity. Today, that elusive sense of domestic peace is tested by new challenges, chief among them persistent poverty and the fraying of our connective infrastructure.
When it comes to female turf horses, trainer Julio Canani is in an enviable spot. How else can you explain being able to scratch a mare who had won three consecutive stakes and still easily win a Grade I race Sunday at Hollywood Park? Opting to save Tuzla for a stakes race at Churchill Downs in three weeks, Canani had more than enough left with Tranquility Lake, who rolled to a 5 1/2-length victory as the 7-10 favorite in the $261,500 Gamely Breeders' Cup Handicap.
June 3, 2013 | By Andrew Blankstein
The Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills was briefly evacuated Monday afternoon before a bear was eventually tranquilized. The sighting was reported shortly before 1 p.m. in the 12200 block of Catenia Drive, Los Angeles police officials said.  The bear came out of the hills and headed toward the golf course, in the 12200 block of Balboa Boulevard. In addition to the LAPD, city animal regulation officers were called to the scene, as were officials with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.
May 22, 2013 | By Joseph Serna
A bear that spent more than an hour Wednesday morning roaming through a Sun Valley neighborhood was tranquilized and captured and will be returned to the forest, authorities said. The approximately 15-month-old bear scaled walls, climbed fences and slipped in and out of horse corrals in Sun Valley, south of the 210 Freeway, for about 1½ hours beginning about 6 a.m. About half a dozen Los Angeles police officers and a state game warden eventually cornered the bear and tranquilized it. The bear will be released in the Angeles National Forest, said Andrew Hughan, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
May 16, 2013 | By Samantha Schaefer
This post has been corrected. See below for details. A young mountain lion stuck in a downtown Santa Cruz aqueduct was tranquilized by wildlife officials Thursday afternoon. Officials spent several hours attempting to lure the lion back through the aqueduct and to its habitat, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported . The animal unsuccessfully tried to jump the 15- to 20-foot concrete walls to escape. Rescuers subdued the untagged adolescent with two tranquilizer darts. They planned to blindfold and evaluate the animal before relocating it. The lion was first spotted early in the morning, and authorities received several more calls about the lion wandering down a street, the Associated Press reported.
April 12, 2013 | By Veronica Rocha
State fish and wildlife officials needed at least three tranquilizer darts to sedate a 120-pound mountain lion that roamed through a La Crescenta neighborhood Thursday afternoon. Officers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife were called in after the lion was spotted just before 2 p.m. and didn't appear to be disturbing anything at the home in the 4500 block of New York Avenue, according to Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz. From there, the lion roamed the area and was seen in the 3300 and 3400 blocks of Thelma Street.
April 11, 2013 | By Veronica Rocha
A hefty mountain lion was sleeping off tranquilizer darts Thursday afternoon after roaming in a La Crescenta neighborhood Thursday. Officials had to use at least three tranquilizer darts on the mountain lion Officers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife were called in after the lion was spotted just before 2 p.m. and didn't appear to be disturbing anything at the home in the 4500 block of New York Avenue, according to ...
September 6, 2012 | By Khristina Narizhnaya, Los Angeles Times
MOSCOW - Vladimir Putin, Russia's macho president, is at it again. The head of state has famously tranquilized a tiger, attached a tracking device to a whale and rode a horse bare-chested, feats that helped boost his popularity. This week, dressed in a white coverall, he flew a motorized hang glider to teach endangered Siberian cranes a new migration path. A report on state-run television showed the usually icy Putin looking exhilarated as he soared Wednesday with a co-pilot around a field near the Siberian town of Salekhard, about 1,200 miles northeast of Moscow.
August 30, 2012 | By Laura King, Los Angeles Times
KABUL, Afghanistan - Not long ago, Bamiyan province was considered one of the most peaceful corners of Afghanistan, a remote and scenic enclave that was largely free of the daily violence that roils so much of the country. Now it may become a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of winding down the war here. In the summer of 2011, Bamiyan's tranquil image was such that it was picked as the country's first province for the transfer of fighting duties from Western forces to Afghan troops, a process that is to be replicated across Afghanistan in a prelude to the end of NATO's combat role in 2014.
July 12, 2012 | By John M. Glionna
LAS VEGAS -- Police here took a brief walk on the wild side Thursday, tracking down two escaped chimpanzees -- shooting and killing one animal and tranquilizing  the other, officials said. Several panicked residents called dispatchers shortly after 10 a.m. to report that the chimps were acting aggressively in a northwest Las Vegas neighborhood. Officers moved in to find a male and a female in "an agitated state," said Officer Laura Meltzer, a spokeswoman for Las Vegas police. "The male, which was estimated to weigh 170 pounds, was pounding on cars and damaging vehicles," she said.
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