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June 24, 1985 | United Press International
An excursion boat on a Lake Hamilton dinner cruise crashed into its moorings Saturday night, injuring at least 25 of the 172 passengers, authorities said Sunday. The owner of the boat, Robert Burhaw, said that a loosened transmission pin prevented the pilot from using the reverse gear.
July 21, 2002
Re: "Chrysler to Offer 7-Year, 70,000-Mile Warranty," July 8. I wish them luck. I have a '99 Chrysler Town & Country with about 22,000 miles on it--my third Chrysler minivan since 1985. A couple of months ago, the transmission started acting up and I took it in to the dealer. They ended up having to replace most of the innards of the transmission. The 3/36 warranty had expired about a month earlier. Fortunately, I had purchased a service contract and I was out only the $100 deductible.
May 31, 2013 | By David Undercoffler
To look at the unique proportions of the Audi R8 -- wedge-shaped nose, short hood, large greenhouse -- it's easy to forget this all-wheel-drive sports c ar has been with us since 2007. Cruise down the street in this mid-engined stunner, and its unmistakable facade looks like a movie prop stolen from a film set. (Actually the car does have an enviable IMDB resume, showing up in concept form in the 2004 film "I, Robot," and serving as Tony Stark's ride of choice in the "Iron Man" trilogy.)
April 9, 1989
William C. Payette, 75, a longtime executive with United Press International and United Features Syndicate who headed UPI's Los Angeles bureau in the 1940s. Payette, after joining United Press in 1936, established the first radio Teletype delivery of news to South America and the first daily overseas transmission of news pictures. He also organized Movietone News. In Dallas on Thursday of cancer.
May 6, 2013 | By Abby Sewell
Energy officials expect to get through another summer without blackouts even if the San Onofre nuclear plant remains shuttered -- but damaging fires in the months ahead could undermine that prediction. An assessment released Monday  by the California Independent System Operator, which oversees most of the state's power grid, projected that power supply will be slightly tighter this summer than last in Southern California. That is largely because two retired units at a gas-fired plant in Huntington Beach that were brought online last summer to help replace the power generated by San Onofre will not be available this summer.
July 3, 1986 | RALPH VARTABEDIAN, Times Staff Writer
Question: Why is it that allowing an automatic transmission to remain engaged at a stop light causes less wear and tear than shifting into neutral while waiting for the light to change?--J.F.S. Answer: The shift lever is not intended to be a clutch. The automatic transmission has a clutch of its own, which is called the torque converter. At idle, the torque converter does not transfer engine motion to the transmission.
June 8, 2011 | David Undercoffler, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Nissan nails unconventional. One has only to spend some time driving the all-electric Leaf, the spunky Juke crossover or the anomalous Murano CrossCabriolet to know this is a company that takes risks -- and succeeds from them. So one would think such a forward-thinking carmaker would have no trouble bringing innovation and appeal to the table when it came time to redo something as blase as a minivan. Nope. The Nissan Quest returns to the U.S. for 2011 after a yearlong hiatus.
July 22, 1986 | MARLENE CIMONS, Times Staff Writer
A leading AIDS researcher, cited in the Justice Department's recent controversial memorandum supporting the possibility of casual transmission of AIDS in the workplace, has accused the department of misrepresenting his views, calling the quotes a "distortion" of his position, The Times has learned. "What is called casual transmission such as is likely to occur in workplace settings will never pose a significant risk to uninfected co-workers," Harvard Medical School researcher William A.
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