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September 3, 1995 | Associated Press
Scientists have identified a protein fragment that makes female mice reject tissue transplanted from males, a possible step toward improving human transplants. The fragment appears on male tissue. It is the first to be identified out of perhaps a half-dozen such male markers in mice and people, said researcher Elizabeth Simpson at the Medical Research Council Clinical Sciences Center in London.
July 8, 1990 | United Press International
Stormie Jones, the world's first heart-liver transplant recipient, Saturday was released from Children's Hospital after adjustments in medication following "a mild episode of rejection," a spokeswoman said. Stormie, 13, of White Settlement, Tex., was admitted to the hospital Thursday for observation and tests.
February 27, 1988 | SIOK-HIAN TAY, Times Staff Writer
David Banning is short a kidney. Yet the 38-year-old Trabuco Canyon carpenter feels good about donating a kidney to his youngest brother, Bill, liberating him from the dialysis machine that has kept him alive since October. Bill Banning, 29, is not in the clear yet. The former Navy petty officer was rushed to UC San Diego Medical Center last weekend with a fever and chills--signs that his body may be rejecting the kidney donated by David in a transplant operation Feb. 11.
December 5, 1988 | Associated Press
A 3-year-old girl is progressing well less than a week after undergoing a rare, five-organ transplant, a Children's Hospital spokeswoman said. Rolandrea Dodge of Fruitland, N.M., received a new liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine and part of a large intestine.
March 27, 1989 | From Associated Press
A Silver Spring, Md., man who received what was believed to be the nation's first successful heart-pancreas transplant, could be out of the hospital in a few weeks, hospital officials said Sunday. Barry Katz, 45, a senior scientist for the Strategic Defense Initiative program, was a diabetic whose heart had been severely damaged by the disease. Doctors said they decided that because of Katz's condition, complications would result if only his heart were replaced.
January 23, 1985 | From Reuters
British popular singer Matt Monro was described as "poorly but comfortable" in a hospital Tuesday after a liver transplant for cancer had to be abandoned, his former manager Don Black said. Gentle-voiced ballad singer Monro, 54, whose hit records in the 1960s included "Portrait of My Love" and "Born Free," will be treated with drugs instead, Black told reporters. "I am told that they started the transplant operation and then discovered that the growth was not just in the liver," he said.
December 8, 1986
Surgeons at a New York City hospital want to use chimpanzee hearts to keep dying patients alive until a human heart is available, a newspaper reported. Doctors have submitted a proposal to perform the animal-to-human heart transplant to Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center's institutional review board, which must approve any research involving patients, the Daily News said.
October 8, 1986 | From Reuters
A team of surgeons has carried out the first bone-marrow transplant operation on a cancer victim in the United Arab Emirates, the semiofficial daily Emirates News reported Tuesday.
September 30, 2005
Re "Hospital Halts Organ Program," Sept. 27 The scandal at St. Vincent Medical Center is just one more example of why profit needs to be taken out of healthcare, even in a supposed nonprofit hospital. In a country where tens of millions cannot afford health insurance, where healthcare costs are the No. 1 cause of personal bankruptcy, where drug companies boast obscene profits and where public hospitals are forced to shut their doors for lack of funds, it is horrific yet not surprising that body parts are sold to the highest bidder.
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