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July 29, 1990
According to recent news articles, plans are in progress to build a privately funded super-train between Las Vegas and Anaheim. It appears that the major reason for this $5-billion expenditure is to more easily transport California dollars to Nevada. Why not use this money to build a casino complex of our own here in California and keep all those gambling dollars at home? Think of the revenue available for the government from such an operation! We already have poker and the state lottery, so why not go all the way?
March 30, 1989 | From Reuters
About a third of the population of this southeastern town took to the streets Wednesday, virtually shutting it down to protest the planned closure of emergency facilities at two local hospitals. Most stores, banks, offices, schools and businesses in the city, which has a population of 40,000, closed for four hours starting at 10 a.m. Public transport ground to a halt.
January 23, 1985 | United Press International
Strong winds and rough seas hampered a search today for a Navy VA-3B transport plane with nine people aboard that vanished from radar screens and was believed to have crashed in the Pacific Ocean. The aircraft was reported overdue and missing at 1 p.m. local time after it disappeared from the Guam Air Traffic Control radar about 125 miles north of Guam.
September 13, 2008
Re "Seeding the future with 'podcars'," Opinion, Sept. 8 Catherine G. Burke is right about one thing: "Most people prefer a car that's available 24/7." The proposal of "podcars" and its infrastructure cluttering up our already overdeveloped landscape is preposterous. The notion that tens of thousands of these little gadgets could crisscross the vastness of Los Angeles at any given time, with any kind of efficiency, is beyond reason. There is no good comparison between Los Angeles and the examples given of podcars being tested at airports or tiny European cities.
July 4, 2008 | Martin Miller
Nothing can stall a good road picture, except maybe $5 for a gallon of gas. With that in mind, we look at 10 movies featuring pivotal travel sequences and imagine what might have happened if crude prices were sky-high then too. -- -- Martin Miller -- "Little Miss Sunshine" The Story: Family delivers its youngest to beauty pageant. The Journey: Albuquerque to Redondo Beach The Transport: A 1973 Volkswagen T2 Microbus The Crisis: The Volkswagen is a real gas guzzler, but the plucky bunch refuses to lose and rides the rails instead.
March 26, 2000 | From Associated Press
Two Nevada prison inmates overpowered officers and escaped Saturday while being transported to other facilities. Nevada prison spokesman Glen Whorton said a search was underway for convicted murderer James Prestridge, 39, and convicted robber John Doran, 26, who escaped after a 5:30 a.m. rest stop in Chula Vista. "They're considered to be dangerous, but there are conflicting reports as to whether they're armed," Whorton said.
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