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May 2, 2010 | Ethan Rarick
A lot of headline writers had a field day in the middle of April, putting toppers on stories suggesting that members of the Donner Party might not have engaged in cannibalism: "Oops," they wrote, and "Sorry, folks." The claim, based on a university news release, was obviously a historical shocker sure to get people's attention — and yet it was grossly misleading, if not flat wrong. As a former journalist now working at a university, I'm not sure whether I'm more appalled at the performance of the Fourth Estate or the academy.
August 23, 1997
Regarding "Men Behaving Badly? Get Damage Control on the Line," (Aug. 15). Christian Slater. Hugh Grant. Martin Lawrence. Robert Downey Jr. Charlie Sheen. These are supposed to be men? More like children trapped inside adult male bodies. TIM KATZ Encino
July 27, 2010 | Reuters
A black bear attracted by the smell of a peanut butter sandwich managed to open the door of a car, climb in and got stuck, knocking the gear stick into neutral and sending the car rolling down a slope into trees. The blare of the car horn alerted the members of the Story family who realized 17-year-old Ben's Toyota was no longer parked in the driveway of their home in Larksspur near Denver. When they went to explore they discovered the car and trapped culprit at the bottom of the hill -- a giant bear with teeth bared and claws tearing through the car's interior.
March 17, 1986
What if Los Angeles motorists were trapped in the most anguishing, intense and maze-like traffic gridlock in the city's history? But it happened on a Sunday, when media attention was directed elsewhere, and local radio was on a relaxed schedule with no traffic reporters? That's no "what if." The gridlock trapped and divided the city of Los Angeles for many long hours for a poorly publicized marathon. I've read enough to know the sponsors wish to turn the run into a yearly event.
December 25, 1988
The way the world has leaped to aid victims of the Soviet Armenia earthquake, we should hear no more bellyaching about paying too much attention to a couple of whales trapped in the ice. The same instinct to brotherhood moves us in each case, and it is this instinct that eventually will prevail to bring peace to the people of this Earth, if given half a chance. ROBERT BENTLEY Glendale
February 23, 1997
Re "Firefighters Rescue Dog From Well," Feb. 18: The L.A. County Department of Animal Care and Control does its job quietly and efficiently, perhaps a little too much so for those who read about the rescue of a dog trapped in a well in Malibu. While our department certainly appreciates the support and sophisticated equipment that other agencies occasionally provide us to perform difficult or daring rescues, in the end it comes down to animal control officers like Tim March, who descended a fire ladder to rescue a large Newfoundland dog trapped at the bottom of a well--a crucial detail not reported in The Times' story.
November 7, 1990
What a pleasure it was to find Willens' great piece on the military-industrial complex vis-a-vis Eisenhower's warning. How trusting and amenable we have been as the dismantling of the United States has been proceeding! "National security" indeed! One is reminded of the nursery tale about Foxy Loxy who trapped the barnyard creatures with his warning that the sky was falling down. What a similarity! At least Willens and others of his view have never been tricked or fooled.
June 3, 1996
I had to chuckle when I read Peter King's column on May 29 about his friends who were leaving Los Angeles to move to Austin, Texas. We left Los Angeles to move there, back in 1991. It was a bitter disappointment. The "lower cost of living" was an illusion. Being trapped indoors by the climate was awful. Realizing that my 12-mile commute there took just as long as it did here was the final straw. We moved back last year. STAN SCHWARZ Pasadena
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