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Travel Editor Jerry Hulse

November 12, 1989
The latest issue of Traveling in Style magazine, compiled biannually by Travel Editor Jerry Hulse, appeared in the Oct. 22 edition of The Times and brought the usual assortment of "reviews" from readers. Herewith a sampling of their comments: Congratulations on yet another highly enjoyable issue. My wife and I took great pleasure in the article by Nick Clooney ("Memories Are Made of This"); we especially enjoyed Jerry Hulse's story ("Sheer Grace: A Visit to Madewood, Queen of the Bayou")
March 1, 1998 | JERRY HULSE
It is dawn and save for the sound of ocean waves washing beneath my window, my world is as silent as a shining star. Last evening it rained so that today the sky is as blue as a young girl's eyes. All would be well if only that infernal rooster outside my door would stop crowing at midnight. The bird awakens me with a shrill crow that fizzles to a sputtering stop. It seems exhausted. I think it spent too much time in the henhouse.
February 24, 2002
I was sorry to hear of the death of former Times Travel editor Jerry Hulse. As a teen and adult living in Los Angeles in the '60s and '70s, I read his travel columns regularly. I have since visited 45 countries, and I often used Hulse's advice in making travel plans. MARK LOOY Florence, Ky.
March 18, 1990
As a travel bonus today, The Times presents the spring issue of Traveling in Style magazine, with articles by Garrison Keillor, Michael Jackson, Sylvia Porter, Patricia Wells, Paul Prudhomme, Barnaby Conrad, Shirley Slater and Charles F. Ehret. In addition, Times Travel Editor Jerry Hulse introduces readers to a "palace where service is king;" Times columnist Al Martinez goes on a search for his roots and Times staff writer Paul Dean steers a Rolls-Royce across Britain.
October 15, 1989
A feature by Times Travel Editor Jerry Hulse on Hawaii's island of Lanai has been named "Best Newspaper Story" in the second annual Hawaii Visitors Bureau Travel Journalism Awards Contest. The article, which appeared in The Times Travel Section on Oct. 2, 1988, described Lanai as "an island that tourism had shunned" until the introduction of new resort hotels in 1988. Formerly owned by Dole, the island was known as the "Home of the World's Largest Pineapple Plantation."
March 19, 1989 | BETTY HUGHES
Don't miss the spring issue of the Traveling in Style magazine in this week's Los Angeles Times. Keeping readers on the edge of their seats, journalist Jimmy Breslin recalls a spur-of-the-moment trip to Central America with an expired passport. Best-selling mystery author Mary Higgins Clark shares the joys of her hideaway in Cape Cod.
June 10, 2001
Please don't liken Krakow, Poland, to Prague, Czech Republic ("Poland's New Crowd Pleaser," May 20). We had read similar articles stating this, and it led us to a disappointing weeklong stay in Krakow last September. After being leveled by Mongols in the 13th century, Krakow's center was rebuilt on a grid. The wonderful mazelike quality of Prague's old town does not exist there. The Wawel, lovely as it is, sits on only a slight mound next to the Vistula River. No comparison can be made to the dramatic scale, views and prominence of Prague's castle.
October 14, 1987
Los Angeles Times travel editor Jerry Hulse received the Insignia of the Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur, the highest award the French government bestows, at ceremonies on Monday evening at the French Consulate in Beverly Hills. The Legion of Honor, awarded by President Francois Mitterrand and presented to Hulse by French Minister of Tourism Jean-Jacques Descamps, was established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 and recognizes individuals who contribute to France's renown.
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