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Travel Expenses

October 21, 2003 | Stuart Pfeifer, Times Staff Writer
Unlike typical union-employer conflicts over health care and wage issues, the sparring between Orange County court officials and rank-and-file employees has focused on the amount of money spent on travel by judges and executives. And travel records released to The Times will probably stoke the tension between the two sides.
April 8, 1990 | PETER S. GREENBERG
When traveling for business or leisure, most people are on a budget, an expense account or per diem, with many of the expenses budgeted in advance. The problem with most travel budgets, however, is that they are never realistic. And, in today's travel environment, with fares, rates, fees and restrictions changing almost daily, it is hard, if not impossible, to project costs. Yet virtually every company (and every traveler) tries.
March 22, 2011 | By Jessica Garrison, Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles' housing authority board voted Monday evening to fire the agency's chief executive, Rudolf Montiel. The move comes less than six months after Montiel faced the wrath of city leaders when his agency tried to evict nine tenants who had protested housing authority policies at Montiel's Rancho Cucamonga home. At the time, City Council members called Montiel "childlike" and accused him of acting like "Big Brother. " The eviction notices were later rescinded. Montiel has headed the agency ?
December 23, 2013 | By Shan Li
Ray Irani, once the highest paid executive in the oil industry, is getting a $14-million lump sum as part of a $26-million settlement after being ousted as chairman of Occidental Petroleum Corp. Irani, who joined the Los Angeles oil company in 1983 and was pushed out as chairman in May, also will continue receiving lifetime security and financial planning services estimated at as much as $1.3 million a year, Occidental said Monday in a securities regulatory filing. The 78-year-old former executive has been paid an average of $90 million a year in total compensation since 2002, according to data compiled by The Los Angeles Times.
City Councilman Louis Byrd is under fire for traveling to Gabon in Central Africa at city expense to attend a summit on economic and human development in that region. The nine-day trip, which included brief stops in New York City, Morocco and Senegal, cost $3,957, according to city documents. Byrd said he met some of Africa's most influential leaders during the five-day summit, including the presidents of Benin, Botswana and Nigeria. Among those who spoke at the event were the Rev.
May 16, 1991
Travel expenditures by the City Council will be announced publicly beforehand under a rule revision approved Tuesday by the council. Councilman William Paparian, who has not traveled at city expense, had sought a rules change requiring prior council approval of trips to out-of-town conventions and meetings. At present, the mayor oversees council travel expenses. Paparian cited a city report, showing that the council spent more than $132,000 in travel costs in the past five years.
December 31, 1985 | United Press International
Rep. W. C. (Dan) Daniel will run for a 10th term in the House, a spokesman for the congressman said Monday. Daniel, 71, a Democrat, is under investigation because of allegations that he reported travel expenses improperly.
March 16, 1995 | Associated Press
The board running the nation's largest public pension fund Wednesday approved new rules to curb out-of-state travel and improve the reporting of travel expenses. The new policy requires out-of-state business trips by board members of the California Public Employees Retirement System to be approved by the full board. It also requires full disclosure of all travel expenses.
July 20, 1985 | JENIFER WARREN, Times Staff Writer
City Councilman Ed Neal denied Friday he had asked the city to reimburse him for travel expenses for his girlfriend when he went to Washington last month for a luncheon with President Reagan. Neal's denial came after an investigator for the district attorney's said Thursday that he had completed his investigation of Neal's submission of $1,136 in expenses for which the councilman received reimbursement from the city.
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