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April 16, 1989
I recommend the Gallant Lady's cruise in the San Juan Islands. Read about it in your Travel Section last July (Travel Tips, July 24) and was there two weeks later. A welcome change of pace. Scenic, relaxing and excellent food. A true labor of love for Capt. Dick, his wife Lyn, family and crew. Nice people. A fun trip! For information, contact Gallant Lady Cruises, P.O. Box 1250, Vashon, Wash. 98070, or call (206) 463-2073. VIRGINIA McKINNEY Palm Springs
March 16, 2014
Nicaragua has long been a travel spot for those who love Central America, for the good reasons Rosemary McClure pointed out ["Revved and Ready," March 9]. But she should not have had to disparage Costa Rica in order to do it. That is really tacky, and an editor should have spotted it. To say that Costa Rica has no history is an outrage my Tico friends would gag on. Evidently she never visited the anthropology museum or the Gold Museum in San Jose. A shame. James J. Horn Cuernavaca, Mexico Keep stories in the rotation Crying foul from the letter writer [March 9]
March 7, 2014 | By Christopher Reynolds
It's Daily Detour 's birthday and we're celebrating with a picture of, um, panda poop. Well, why not? Since its launch March 7, 2013, the Daily Detour photo gallery has set its sights on “odd spots, strange trips and great moments in travel.” In a word, detourism. The idea is to surprise you a little, perhaps with raincoat-clad travelers awaiting dawn on Mt. Haleakala, or a white-coated waiter awaiting customers at the Tadich Grill in San Francisco. Maybe with a shot of Ken Burns grabbing snaps in Wyoming; or a Tijuana tout helping his “zebra” smile.
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