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June 1, 2008 | Vani Rangachar
You set a goal, like visiting all 50 states, but follow-through is hard. Sometimes, all you need is a cheering section to get you going. That's where the site comes in. It's a digital to-do list with people to cheer you on. What's hot: The site is about life lists, travel-related and otherwise. But in the travel section, you'll find like-minded travelers who share your goals, think it's a good idea -- or not -- or who've done the activities you are planning.
January 22, 2006
Welcome to the Travel section's Sourcebook, a compendium of articles, tips and resources designed to take the angst out of travel. Besides stories filled with practical information, we are also offering: * Online material: Although this is the biggest Travel section of the year, it's still not large enough to accommodate all the information we have. So besides what you'll find in the section, we have posted additional items on our website.
March 16, 2014
Nicaragua has long been a travel spot for those who love Central America, for the good reasons Rosemary McClure pointed out ["Revved and Ready," March 9]. But she should not have had to disparage Costa Rica in order to do it. That is really tacky, and an editor should have spotted it. To say that Costa Rica has no history is an outrage my Tico friends would gag on. Evidently she never visited the anthropology museum or the Gold Museum in San Jose. A shame. James J. Horn Cuernavaca, Mexico Keep stories in the rotation Crying foul from the letter writer [March 9]
April 12, 2013 | By Christopher Reynolds
If you've got a moment, you've got just enough time for “A Minute Away,” a new video offering from the Travel section. This week's destination is sleepy little June Lake , Calif., about 20 miles from the Mammoth Mountain ski resort. You may have seen this one here before, but it's 60 seconds of bliss that bears repeating. Last week's Minute, the first of the series, was Moscow in a snow storm. Whether you click June Lake or Moscow , you get a little slice of wordless, brain-cleansing, off-the-clock atmosphere.
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