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January 29, 2012 | Jenn Harris
The ancient story of Samson and Delilah shows how important a man's hairstyle can be. The tale has inspired sculptors, composers and screenwriters, and Samson's long locks are part of a long list of classic men's hairstyles. What follows is a look at other memorable men's hairdos throughout history and in pop culture. -- 2200 BC | Egyptian men wore their hair very short or they shaved their heads. Wealthy men or members of the royal elite would cover their heads with elaborate headdresses, wigs or hair extensions.
August 30, 2006 | Richard Cromelin
That "indefinite hiatus" announced last year by Blink-182 just got a little more definite. Two members of the Southern California punk-rock trio, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, announced Tuesday that their new band, (+44), will release its debut album, "When Your Heart Stops Beating," through Interscope Records on Nov. 14. Blink's other member, singer-guitarist Tom DeLonge, has already found success with his new band, Angels and Airwaves.
September 27, 2008 | From the Associated Press
Celebrity disc jockey DJ AM has been released from a Georgia hospital after suffering severe burns in a fiery plane crash a week ago, a spokeswoman for the musician said Friday. DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, and former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker were rushed to a burn hospital in Augusta, Ga., after their Learjet crashed on takeoff from an airport in Columbia, S.C. Two pilots and two other passengers, all from the L.A. area, were killed in the crash just before midnight Sept.
December 2, 2008 | Associated Press
Punk musician Travis Barker and celebrity disc jockey DJ AM will perform together for the first time since the duo survived a fiery plane crash in South Carolina. The former Blink-182 drummer and DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, will headline New Year's Nation's Los Angeles New Year's Eve party at the Lot in West Hollywood. The performance will be streamed on the Internet and broadcast at other New Year's Nation parties across the U.S. It will mark the first concert for the pair -- who go by TRVSDJAM -- since they performed at a free concert for about 10,000 people in Columbia, S.C., before boarding a private plane Sept.
September 25, 2008 | From the Associated Press
A South Carolina police officer says he listened in disbelief as two men he saw running from blazing plane wreckage described how they escaped the inferno. Lt. Josh Shumpert said Wednesday he later learned the men were former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity disc jockey DJ AM. Shumpert had kept the badly burned men talking as they waited for medical help Friday night after the crash in Columbia. The musicians were the only survivors. Two pilots and two passengers -- all from the L.A. area -- were killed.
September 23, 2008 | From the Associated Press
The pilot and co-pilot killed in a Learjet crash in South Carolina on Friday died from smoke inhalation and burns, and two passengers were killed from the impact, officials said Monday. Remarkably, former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity disc jockey DJ AM survived the Friday night crash with second- and third-degree burns. One of their doctors at a Georgia burn hospital said he expects them to fully recover. Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board said they have not determined what caused the crash.
November 20, 2008 | ASSOCIATED PRESS
The pilot of a private jet warned air traffic controllers that his plane was "going off the end" of a runway before it crashed, killing him and three others and injuring performer DJ AM and former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. His words are the last captured on newly released cockpit recordings from the Sept. 19 crash, which severely burned Barker and DJ AM, a celebrity disc jockey whose real name is Adam Goldstein. Both are expected to recover. Controllers at the Columbia, S.C., airport can also be heard scrambling to divert other planes and summon emergency personnel.
December 25, 2008 | ASSOCIATED PRESS
A celebrity disc jockey who survived a fiery Learjet crash in South Carolina has sued several companies and the estates of the plane's pilots. Adam Goldstein, known as DJ AM, filed his complaint for negligence and breach of contract this week in Los Angeles Superior Court. Goldstein and punk rocker Travis Barker, who has also sued the companies, were the sole survivors of the Sept. 19 crash. Barker sued on behalf of the family of his bodyguard, Charles Still; the widow of Barker's assistant, Chris Baker, filed her own lawsuit earlier this month.
February 23, 2005 | Geoff Boucher
The members of Blink-182, the San Diego trio that has sold close to 11 million albums in the U.S. with its pop-punk sound and potty humor, announced Tuesday that they are taking "an indefinite hiatus" from their partnership. The statement from bassist Mark Hoppus, guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker was issued four days after the band canceled its scheduled set at a tsunami relief benefit at the Arrowhead Pond and amid much fan speculation that the group had broken up.
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