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January 12, 2014 | By Carl Hancock Rux
Poet and playwright Amiri Baraka died Thursday at the age of 79, having influenced generations of younger writers. One of them pays poetic tribute: "...Climber of all mounts/as this paper will turn yellow & become the thing I answer to. What interval? as this motion (these words) pass into... " -- f rom "Node" by Leroi Jones (Amiri Baraka), published in Yugen, Issue No. 6, 1960 Poetry for him in a time of assassination is now our sustenance and construction and not merely a book or a vinyl record or (for that matter)
July 6, 2009 | Mario Aguirre
When Jon Wilhite walks across Goodwin Field tonight to throw out a ceremonial first pitch, his father Tony will be by his side, still not comprehending how his son survived the car crash that killed three friends, one of them Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart.
March 19, 2014 | By David Ng
They are both outspoken artist-activists who have gotten into trouble with the law in their respective countries. Shepard Fairey, the popular Los Angeles street artist, has created a tribute to Ai Weiwei in the form of a new portrait of the Chinese artist done in Fairey's signature style. The poster depicts Ai in profile using deep red and other dark tones. The portrait also depicts Ai with his head partially shaven and sporting a prominent gash on his scalp. The scar is a reference to the head injury that Ai said he sustained in a confrontation with Chinese police in Chengdu in 2010.
May 8, 1988
Thank you for Jerry Hulse's tribute to Delaplane. It meant a great deal to me--being an old San Franciscan. The art of traveling is just that--an art. And being able to come back with a good story is a true blessing. Delaplane will be sorely missed. JANE POWELL San Diego
March 26, 1989
Regarding the San Diego Convention Center, that name is appropriate and should remain as such. As for Martin Luther King Jr., there are many other things that could be named after him. My favorite would be Presidents Way in Balboa Park. That would be a tribute equal to his accomplishment. PAUL HERRMANN San Diego
June 20, 2013 | By Meredith Blake
Stephen Colbert opened his show Wednesday night with a moving tribute to his mother, Lorna Tuck Colbert, who died last week at the age of 92 . “I've been away from the 'Report' for a week,” Colbert said, “because one week ago today, my mother, Lorna Tuck Colbert, died. And I want to thank everybody who offered their thoughts and prayers.” Overcome with emotion, he paused for a moment before continuing:  “When you watch this show, if you also like me, that's because of my mom. So before we start the show again I'd like to tell you a little bit about her.” PHOTOS: Celebrities by The Times The host painted a loving, vivid portrait of his mother, describing how she'd met his father at a cotillion at the age of 12, then driven her friends crazy by forcing them to join her and ride their bikes across town to pass by his house -- without her ever looking up to see if he was in the yard.
January 14, 2013 | By Greg Braxton
A self-proclaimed "super fan" of Huell Howser, the beloved host of "California's Gold" who died Jan. 6, is staging a grass-roots effort to put together a tribute book that will honor the folksy public television host. Robert DaGasta, a buyer and seller of pop culture memorabilia, has been traveling around the city visiting numerous locales that Howser featured in his program to solicit "tribute pages" that would feature photos and remembrances of Howser. The pages, he said, give locals a chance to say farewell to Howser in a personal way. "We love Huell, and we really wanted to do something to honor him," DaGasta said.
May 14, 2011
Lonesome Country: An In-Person Tribute to Monte Hellman Where: Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, "Road to Nowhere" Admission: $11 Information:
June 4, 1989
Re "In Desert Solitude, Faithful Pay Tribute to the Abbey Myth" by Bob Sipchen, May 22: Not long ago, Edward Abbey, the great naturalist, died. He was my hero. I made a film of his book, "The Brave Cowboy," which was released under the title, "Lonely Are the Brave." My company, Bryna, produced it, and I played Edward Abbey. It is my favorite movie. I was proud that Abbey liked it. In a tribute to Abbey, your writer wrote: "He (Abbey) was pleased with the film, 'Lonely Are the Brave,' in which Gregory Peck played the lead."
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