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This year, skip the master gardening class about how to keep whiteflies out of your orange trees. Forget the annual pilgrimage to the nursery for zucchini starts. Plant your own truffle trees and grow something your friends will actually want. That's what I've done, with the help of a truffle grower, Mother Nature and all the patience I can muster. The most prized truffle varieties are the white truffle of Alba, Italy (Tuber magnatum pico), and the Perigord black truffle (Tuber melanosporum).
September 6, 2013 | By S. Irene Virbila
If truffles figure in your dreams, tickets just went on sale for the ninth Oregon Truffle Festival . Truffles? Oregon? Well, yes, our northern cousin is actually producing some quite respectable examples. And if you buy your tickets sometime this month, you can take advantage of early-bird pricing.  The theme this year is “Foraged Foods and Fine Fermentations.” Special guests are to be authors Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, who practically wrote the book on matching wine with food ("What to Drink with What You Eat.”)
Truffles in a test tube? Sacre bleu! In yet another cold-blooded assault by modern science on one of nature's most charming and best-guarded secrets, Japanese researchers claim they have succeeded in growing a batch of white truffles in a laboratory and expect to produce a test-tube black truffle shortly.
January 19, 1992
Kuwaitis are flocking to buy desert truffles imported from Saudi Arabia after Gulf War oil pollution wiped out the popular winter delicacy in the northern Gulf emirate. Kuwait's Al Rai al Aam newspaper carried a front-page article welcoming the arrival of the truffle, which is selling at $35 a pound in the marketplace. Gulf Arab families enjoy driving into the desert to picnic, and look for the truffle, which grows half-buried in the ground just after seasonal winter rains.
January 9, 1997 | ANNE WILLAN, SPECIAL TO THE TIMES; Willan's most recent cookbook is "In and Out of the Kitchen in 15 Minutes or Less" (Rizzoli, 1995)
"Allez, allez, keep looking!" Two fluffy Pyrenean mountain dogs roam and sniff the oak tree roots under my skeptical eye. Suddenly one starts to scratch. Quick as a flash, their master, Michel Jalade, darts forward and takes over the digging. Hollowing the ground with his hunting knife, he uncovers a dark, cindery ball the size of a large walnut. The unmistakable, pungent aroma of fresh truffle fills the air. This is no ordinary fresh truffle.
January 12, 1986 | SHERRY VIRBILA
I have eaten what I'm sure must be more than my share of good things in this world. But this fall in Piemonte, the wine region southwest of Milan as famous for its tartufi as for its big, beautiful reds, I thought I just might have gone too far. There was a period when I ate white truffles-- tuber magnatum , the glory of Alba--two times a day for five days straight. I got my first taste at Felicin, a country restaurant in Monforte d'Alba.
March 27, 2002 | Donna Deane
This affordable earthy-flavored olive oil is infused with Italian black winter truffles. Drizzle over goat cheese, pastas or salads, dip bread in it or use it in salad dressings. Black truffle oil, 8.5-ounce bottle, $8.99 from Trader Joe's stores *. Silver Cheese Tray A trivet and cheese tray with a contemporary feel are new to Christofle's "Metropolis" collection. Both are made of silver with woven nickel in a basketwork pattern, and neither needs polishing. The cheese tray has a glass insert.
February 6, 1992 | BEVERLY BUSH SMITH, Beverly Bush Smith is a free-lance writer who regularly covers restaurant news for The Times Orange County Edition. and
Learn from a master chocolate truffle-maker how to create your very own confections to give to your valentine. Today, from 10 a.m. to noon, Russell Armstrong, past winner of Le Meridien's Truffle of the Year contest, will demonstrate three recipes at a free seminar at his Trees Restaurant in Corona del Mar.
January 29, 2003
Truffle dinners, 6 to 10 p.m., Wednesday through Friday, Patina, 5955 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles. Call (323) 467-1108 for reservations. Five-course dinner, $89; six-course dinner, $99.
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