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January 13, 2014 | By Richard Verrier
A year ago, DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg trekked to the Bay Area headquarters of YouTube to pitch an idea to his counterpart, Salar Kamangar. "I said to them, I love the things they are doing with YouTube in terms of building out the platform and encouraging user generated content," Katzenberg said. "But as a user, I felt the one thing that was very challenging is ... there's hundreds of hours of programming being uploaded every minute. It's inconsumable and unnavigable and, as a user, it was getting harder and harder for me to know what I should be watching.
January 9, 2014 | By Richard Verrier
DreamWorks Animation is expanding its partnership with YouTube. The Glendale-based computer animation company is teaming up with YouTube to produce a series of daily shows that will highlight some of the most compelling entertainment on the video-sharing website, according to a person familiar with the plans. Called "YouTube Nation," the program will feature five-minute highlights of the best of YouTube programming. The series will be produced by DreamWorks Animation and YouTube, which is financing the venture, and is expected to debut next week.
January 1, 2014 | By Barbara Isenberg
Channeling Danny Kaye, Victor Borge, P.D.Q. Bach and other musicians-cum-comics, conservatory-trained violinist Aleksey Igudesman and pianist Hyung-ki Joo like to say that they don't make fun of classical music but rather that they have fun with classical music. After entertaining packed houses around the world, the 40-year-old YouTube celebrities return to Long Beach's Carpenter Performing Arts Center on Jan. 5. But first comes a phone call from Joo at their home base of Vienna, with Igudesman reporting in from the Dominican Republic.
December 28, 2013 | By Deborah Vankin
Jack Black is sitting on a ratty basement couch in his underwear. His fleshy belly spills over the elastic band, and he's emanating a profoundly foul odor. Performance artist Jibz Cameron, a.k.a. Dynasty Handbag, sits beside Black, relishing in the stink. In this superhero spoof, recently screened at Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art, Black plays uber-villain Unidentifiable Odor. Cameron is his dour sidekick, Buzz Kill. Like cranky kids, they sit slumped over with scowls across their faces, plotting ways to ruin a perfectly good dinner date that is unfolding at a nearby restaurant.
December 14, 2013 | Chris Erskine
Christmas makes old men of us all, particularly the women, who grow grumpy and put-upon because most of the holiday prep falls to them. Christmas is a glorious celebration till it gets its claws into you. If you're not too careful, you grow cynical over the drumbeat of sales-sales-sales, the idiot radio stations that start the yuletide tunes in mid-November, the whole colossal runaway holiday sled. Our Thanksgiving was a triumph of the human spirit, and by Sunday of that weekend I was nearly Christmased out. I'd had just the right amount, yet there stood before us several more weeks of holiday mayhem.
December 12, 2013 | By Dawn C. Chmielewski
Advertisers are projected to spend about $5.6 billion on YouTube this year, a 51% jump over 2012 levels, according to a new analysis from researcher EMarketer. YouTube's corporate parent, Google Inc., doesn't report revenues for the site. Instead, it touts statistics that speak to YouTube's global reach -- more than 1 billion monthly visitors -- and sheer breadth of content (100 hours of video are uploaded every minute). EMarketer said it analyzed hundreds of data points, as well as studies about the site's revenues and ad impressions, to estimate YouTube's global ad revenues.  ON LOCATION: Where the cameras roll The researcher projects that YouTube's will clear $1.96 billion, once its splits ad proceeds with its video content creators.
December 12, 2013 | By Dawn C. Chmielewski
YouTube vocal sensation Pentatonix joins such major-label acts as Kelly Clarkson, Michael Bublé and Mary J. Blige with seasonal albums topping Billboard's top 200 chart. The a cappella group's holiday-themed PTXmas (Delux Edition) landed at No. 7 on the album chart for the week ended Dec. 8, with more than 59,000 copies sold. The music video for its rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" has racked up more than 17-million views on YouTube in the last two weeks.  Pentatonix came to prominence as the winner of the third season of NBC's "The Sing-Off Competition.
December 5, 2013 | By Dawn C. Chmielewski
The world turned to social media to mourn the passing of Nelson Mandela, the statesman who emerged from 27 years in prison to lead South Africa out of apartheid. Mandela's death produced more than 3 million tweets in the first two hours after news outlets around the globe reported that the former South African president had died, according to measurement firm Topsy. Google searches for news about Mandela spiked by 400%, as word spread of Mandela's death at age 95, according to the site's trend data.
December 2, 2013 | By David Wharton
British diver Tom Daley, a teenage star at the 2012 London Olympics, has revealed that he is in a relationship with a man. Daley made his announcement by posting a video Monday on YouTube. "In spring this year my life changed massively when I met someone, and they make me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great," he said. "And that someone is a guy. " He also said: "Of course I still fancy girls but right now I'm dating a guy and I couldn't be happier. " The bronze medalist said he took to the Internet because of continued speculation about his private life.
November 29, 2013 | By Melinda Fulmer
You'll feel like Superman after this press-and-pull exercise that works most of the major muscle groups in your body. Demonstrated here by Long Beach fitness instructor John Garey who uses it in his "Core Total Body Tone With Tubing" DVD, it's a great get-it-all-done move to use on days when you're short on time. What it does Crouch to Superman works your legs, back and shoulders. What to do Grab the tubing by the handles and step onto it with feet hip-width apart.
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