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November 21, 1986 | From Associated Press
The University of California board of regents today unanimously adopted a budget that calls for a 9.1% increase in tuition for the nine-campus system. Faculty salaries also would rise by 5.7% if state legislators accept the proposed budget, adopted with ex-officio member Gov. George Deukmejian in attendance. If approved, the increases would take effect in fall, 1987, academic year.
January 2, 1987
The Department of Education released a proposal to increase dramatically a new and controversial student financial aid program that does not subsidize interest rates and links repayment schedules to a student's earnings after college. If approved by Congress, the program of "income-contingent loans" would grow from a $5-million pilot project during the 1987-88 school year to $600 million in 1988-89.
October 17, 2001
Gov. Gray Davis made the right decision to sign into law AB 25, granting same-sex partners a number of basic rights (Oct. 15). This is a great step toward achieving equal protection and nondiscrimination for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. AB 25 reinforces families and positively strengthens the commitments of same-sex couples. With AB 25 taking effect on the first day of 2002, homosexual couples are finally starting to receive the necessary support they need to remain in committed unions.
July 24, 1997 | From Times Wire Reports
The Labor Party government announced it will abolish a keystone of Britain's welfare state: free university education. Students will now have to use their own money or take out loans to pay tuition. "We must get more money into our university system," Prime Minister Tony Blair told the House of Commons. Increased funding through taxation was "something people would not tolerate." An estimated 1.
August 11, 1992 | KATHY M. KRISTOF
Here's news for all those students who believe that scholarships are only for the poor and academically or physically gifted. You can get a scholarship for being left-handed, having a pet, a hobby--even for having a disease. Specifically: * At Juniata College in Pennsylvania, southpaws compete for a $20,000 grant donated by Frederick and Mary F. Beckley, who met and married after they were paired up on the tennis court. They were both left-handed.
In a decision that put California's public colleges out of reach for most illegal immigrant students, a Los Angeles appellate court has ruled that the California State University system must charge out-of-state tuition to students who are California residents but are in the United States illegally.
November 13, 2003
As many as 240 Anaheim elementary schoolchildren from poor families will receive four-year, partial tuition scholarships as part of a new campaign for the Southern California Children's Scholarship Fund. Newport Beach residents David and Diane Steffy pledged a $400,000 dollar-for-dollar matching grant to launch the fund-raising effort, called the "Anaheim Challenge for Education." The Tiger Woods Foundation pledged $100,000. Organizers are hoping to raise more than $1.
October 25, 1992
Concerning college tuition paid by illegal immigrants ("Issue: College Tuition Paid by Illegal Immigrants," Sept. 20). It is my land, my money and I should not have to pay for anyone else, and that's why they come to my country. They come to take my money and if they are so upset about this, why don't they all go back where they come from? I am Hispanic. Give the money to my people, the U.S. citizens, not people from other countries. That is what's happening in our society.
March 12, 2012
Tuition and fees* for in-state students at some major universities University of Michigan: $13,961 UC Berkeley: $12,835 University of Colorado, Boulder: $10,098 University of Connecticut: $10,670 University of Texas, Austin: $9,794 University of Oregon: $8,789 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: $7,008 Source: The College Board * 2011-12 academic year ...
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