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Tunnel Vision

For the fourth time in six months, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors on Wednesday postponed its decision on whether to condemn underground easements beneath Studio City and Hollywood Hills homes for a subway tunnel through the Santa Monica Mountains after a raucous hearing marked by emotional appeals and accusations.
September 24, 2005 | Rick Cole
DECADES AGO, a gadfly candidate for Los Angeles mayor promoted a quick fix for smog: Drill tunnels through the San Gabriel Mountains and use giant fans to blow the dirty air out the other side. Amazingly, a similar scheme is currently getting serious consideration -- and not from crackpots. This time, three massive freeway tunneling projects are being studied by regional transportation leaders. Two are funded by the pork-laden federal transportation bill recently signed by President Bush.
June 15, 2011 | Bill Dwyre
From Bethesda, Md. — The U.S. Open golf tournament is no place for child's play, but Beau Hossler will tee it up anyway here Thursday. Go ahead. Be jealous. While this is going on, your 16-year-old will be shopping for pimple cream, oiling the wheels on his skateboard or texting his girlfriend. Hossler, the sophomore golfing pride of Santa Margarita High School, will be strolling the same fairways as Phil Mickelson, Luke Donald and Lee Westwood; putting on the same greens as Martin Kaymer and Steve Stricker.
August 15, 2001
Wen Ho Lee, a scientist fired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, spent 279 days in solitary confinement while the Federal Bureau of Investigation tried vainly to build a case that would convict him of espionage or, failing that, coerce a confession that he had spied for China. That the FBI made a mess of its three-year-long investigation into an alleged theft of nuclear secrets comes as no revelation.
October 12, 1997
Of all the ideas and proposals put forth to solve the increasing traffic problems in the Orange County and Inland Empire area, the one described in the Oct. 5 article that would build a tunnel under the Cleveland National Forest has by far the greatest merit. This would link Interstate 15 in Riverside County with the Costa Mesa Freeway, just south of the interchange with the Riverside Freeway. A "Y" should also be incorporated to link up with the Riverside Freeway near Green River Drive, to access the Chino Hills area and maximize this project.
December 27, 2009 | By Steve Harvey
Authorities called the burglary crew the Hole in the Ground Gang. In the mid-1980s, the thieves tunneled under three L.A.-area banks, zipping through the underground in all-terrain vehicles. They broke into two of the banks, making off with about $270,000 as well as the contents of 36 safe-deposit boxes. The FBI and Los Angeles police "had never seen anything like this," wrote retired FBI agent Bill Rehder and veteran journalist Gordon Dillow in their book, "Where the Money Is: True Tales from the Bank Robbery Capital of the World."
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