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October 16, 2013 | By Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
And so the three-headed holiday season begins, with "Toy Story of Terror," a Halloween special wrought from the well-known Pixar-ahem-Disney franchise -- a franchise, it hurts my brain to realize, that is nearly 20 years old. It premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. on ABC, another region of the Magic Empire. No expense, horses or gigabytes have been spared in the making for its being merely a TV show -- though I assume all the relevant codes reside on a supercomputer somewhere, waiting to bring the characters somewhat economically back to life.
October 10, 2013 | By Robert Lloyd, Times Television Critic
"Toy Story of Terror" (ABC, Wednesday). And so the three-headed holiday season begins, with a Halloween special wrought from the "Toy Story" franchise -- a franchise, it hurts my brain to realize, that is nearly 20 years old. No expense, horses or gigabytes have been spared for its being merely a TV show. (I do assume all the relevant codes reside on a supercomputer somewhere, waiting to bring these characters economically back to life.) Tom and Tim and Joan and Don and Wally and Timothy and Kristen (Hanks, Allen, Cusack, Rickles, Shawn, Dalton and Schaal, that is)
October 10, 2013 | By Meg James
Comcast Corp. Chief Executive Brian Roberts has made a mission out of perfecting a new-generation remote control to help customers seamlessly find TV programs they want to watch. Now, Roberts is turning to Twitter to help him do just that. Comcast and Twitter on Wednesday announced they are teaming up to try to capitalize on the hundreds of thousands of conversations about TV shows that unfold each day on the popular micro-blogging site. The two companies have struck a strategic partnership to introduce a feature designed by Comcast engineers called "See It" that will connect consumers with TV shows.
October 7, 2013 | By Patrick Kevin Day
"Grey's Anatomy" star Ellen Pompeo talked to the New York Post last week on the occasion of the ABC medical drama's 200th episode, which will air Thursday, and gave some very frank comments about the two of the show's highest-profile cast departures, Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington. Heigl's departure from the show in 2010 came after several tumultuous seasons, including withdrawing her name from Emmy consideration in 2008 after she found the material she was being given lacking.
October 4, 2013 | By Mary Forgione, Daily Deal and Travel Blogger
It had to happen: "Voice" and "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett is teaming up with Richard Branson for the ultimate unscripted TV show in which average Americans compete for a chance to go into outer space. NBC on Thursday announced an exclusive deal with the pair for "Space Race," a show it's hyping as a "groundbreaking, elimination competition series. " Winners score a ride on Branson's Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, which made successful test flights this year in its quest to take commercial passengers into space.
October 4, 2013 | By Rachel Miller
Adapted from Melissa de la Cruz's bestselling novel, "Witches of East End" follows the lives of a mother and her two daughters. The supernatural drama series from Lifetime, premiering Oct. 6, stars Julia Ormond, Madchen Amick, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Rachel Boston and Eric Winter. Here is a Q&A with Julia Ormond and Madchen Amick. How closely does the TV show follow the novel's plot? What is different? Julia: It's fairly close; however, there are a bunch of aspects that are different too. For example, Wendy, who is played by Madchen, is a character who is brought in; she didn't exist in the novel at all. The novel is really just used as a springboard for the show.
October 3, 2013 | By Scott Collins
NBC is hoping to get a space-travel reality show off the ground this time.  The network is teaming up with producer Mark Burnett and billionaire Richard Branson to make "Space Race," a competition series that would send the winner up in SpaceShipTwo, a commercial space-travel service from Branson's Virgin Galactic. The series could offer Virgin a key opportunity to plug its services.  FULL COVERAGE: Fall TV preview 2013 "Virgin Galactic's mission is to democratize space, eventually making commercial space travel affordable and accessible to all," Branson wrote in a statement.
October 2, 2013 | By Richard Verrier
The park is named after the late actor and conservationist Leo Carrillo, who played the comic sidekick Pancho in the 1950s Western TV series "The Cisco Kid. " Located along Pacific Coast Highway near the Los Angeles-Ventura County line, it has doubled for Iwo Jima, the Caribbean and Hawaii. For six decades, Leo Carrillo State Park has been one of the most popular beaches, not only for Los Angeles residents but for location scouts. PHOTOS: Hollywood Backlot moments From "Grease" to "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Letters From Iwo Jima," the scenic stretch of beach has been featured in countless movies, TV shows and commercials.
October 1, 2013 | By Scott Collins
Broadcasters spent millions of dollars promoting their new fall shows, but it was CBS' returning sitcom smash "The Big Bang Theory" that came out on top.  The comedy about the dating travails of CalTech nerds hit its all-time highest audience ever with a special episode at 8:30 p.m. Thursday that drew 20.4 million total viewers, according to Nielsen. That made it the top-performing entertainment program of the week that ended Sunday, a period that saw the networks unveil many of their latest shows.
September 25, 2013 | By Richard Verrier
Location manager Brian O'Neill needed a location to film a wedding scene for the upcoming move "The Wedding Ringer," and he knew just the place: Hollywood United Methodist Church at the corner of Franklin and North Highland avenues. With its Gothic Revival cathedral, stained-glass windows, breezy courtyards and lush gardens, the church would be an ideal setting for the Screen Gems movie, in which comedian Kevin Hart runs a wedding consulting business. But there was another reason to select the church for the upcoming wedding scene.
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